{T.I.L #9}

This one needs no introduction...

I know saying 'in love' makes me sound like an alcoholic, but I promise I'm not. I'm just an exaggerator. I also grew up with people who showed me that alcohol addiction can be no joke. So, I'm pretty careful with rules around my drinking:

1. No drinking alone--there's a reason for this one!

2. Only drink when I'm happy--not using alcohol to 'take the edge off' of a tough day

3. Do not drink 2 days in a row--within reason, this keeps it a 'few and far between' thing instead of 'why not finish this bottle I started yesterday?' thing.

4. Pretty strictly stay within 1-2 drinks in one session

Those rules are there for a reason and most are there because I pushed past a boundary and knew it wasn't good. I'm fairly relaxed about it all and don't expect others to follow these rules, just me. Alcoholism runs in my family and I've already got a Starbucks addiction...I don't need another expensive addiction to add to the list! At least Starbucks won't ruin my life.

With that said, I love a good glass of whiskey. Mostly, I like my whiskey like I like my men: strong, high-quality, and neat. Just kidding, I've never said that in my life. Though I do like my whiskey neat. No fuss. {I mean, I won't say no to a whiskey on the rocks but I kinda want the flavor to take my breath away}

Fun story: Rule #1 came about the night I thought it'd be super cool to have a quiet time with Jesus while drinking Revel Stoke spiced whiskey (my fave) from a mustached glass tumbler.

Cuteness, huh?
Then, I got the bright idea to take all that fun into the bath tub to relax by candlelight. Can you see where this is going? Jesus. Prayer. Spiced whiskey. Hot water.

I didn't even give it a second thought as I prayed and sipped my whiskey. It wasn't until I got up that I realized I could barely stand. Not only was my face hot from the bath, it was also hot from embarrassment as I realized I had accidentally gotten drunk before the Lord. Oooooops.

So now, I don't really drink alone & definitely not while sitting in hot water--it saves me from drunken quiet times and drowning my sorrows all in one fell swoop!

My friend, Chrissy, recently posted this article about whiskey girls and it fit me to a T. I joked that I should use it as my dating profile because it is a pretty accurate description. 

Now, don't get the erroneous idea that I like to booze it up. But a good whiskey on a random weekend is all right by me. In fact, I had one this past weekend at Cottonwood in Houston. Dee-lish.

Peach + whiskey = yes!