{T.I.L. #22}

I've been updating my computer for like, 10 full hours today after a month of dealing with software update & iPhone compatibility issues. I'm proud to say that I *think* I'm all set up with only a minor loss of data (that I knew I'd lost due to a previously failed back-up/sync debacle). Some stress has been lifted off my shoulders as I can now cross some of these ??s off my list. 

Because of this full day of technology upgrades, I was able to read a whole book while snuggling in my bed listening to the drizzly rain. 

The rain has now turned to sleet and the temperature has dropped low enough for it to freeze on the roads. And you know what that means for a teacher?

Snow days are awesome when they are timed just right and called in the night before. We teachers feel that it has to fall somewhere between 'far enough away from our Winter Break' and 'not too close to Spring Break'. Well, this snow (or should I say 'ice') day has come at a great time. The only thing that would make it even better is for us to miss 3 or more days to make it worth the days we have to make up later in the spring. 

But who needs to be that picky? I'll take what I can get!

Now all I need is a Netflix marathon so that I can burn the midnight oil on a Sunday night. Because on snow days, the only requirement is that you sleep in.