{T.I.L. #20}

Sometimes I enjoy these weekend, 'put-a-bunch-of-things-I-love-all-in-one-post-because-no-one-is-probably-reading-this-anymore' posts. I almost stopped blogging about Things I Love the other day because I felt super arrogant all of a sudden. 'Who cares about whether you like twinkle lights when kids are starving in other countries?' Right?

Then I realized that enjoying life and all the things in it do not make us selfish or arrogant. They also do not stop our hearts from caring for other, more important things like people. I also really enjoy seeing what makes others tick, so 'about me' pages are kinda my favorite. This month has been like one, ginormous, all about me page. In fact, I've just been literally updating mine by cutting and pasting the links to all these posts. Double-duty, people!

With that said, here is some more nonsense so that you can know me better:

These Ello brand glass water bottles are awesome. I got the gray one at Target a few years ago and I just hope they don't discontinue them or I'd be super sad. I've dropped it before and the silicone outside protected it. I mean, I wouldn't go throwing it around, but they are pretty sturdy little things. Sadly, Target stopped selling the one with the awesome handles but you can get them on Amazon. The Target ones have the pop-top lid but I hate those. This handle makes it really easy to carry and hold. I definitely don't drink enough water (does the water in my Starbucks chai count??) so this bad boy helps. Plus, the name is my favorite. Every time I go to drink my water, I picture my water bottle with an English accent saying, " 'Ello!" I told you I was crazy. Now you believe it.

Call it shiplap or plankboard or tongue and groove...I like it all. I prefer the straight edges over beveled edges but I'll take what I can get! I like the kind with a little space in between the planks like this chapel from the wedding I attended the other day:

Or like the pictures of Joanna Gaines' home I shared in this post:

My friend, Ashley, and I joked that we love shiplap so much that we need to own these shirts for sure:

My new dating requirement: Must wear #shiplap shirt with me
Nothing Bundt Cakes is no joke. That place is ridiculously good. I have to restrain myself from getting a lemon bundlet e'rry weekend.

'You made it to Friday!' Lemon bundlet for you. 'You rocked your curly hair in humidity today!' Lemon bundlets all around. If you think the lemon is good, just wait until July: lemon raspberry will make you fall out with deliciousness. And yes, I know the seasonal cake months...
don't judge me.

I have yet to rock a lady tie, but I sure want to. I feel like you have to be super petite to do this well but I could be wrong. Maybe my only examples of lady tie wearing are stick-thin models and this gorgeous blogger/designer I follow (and from whom I buy many clothes):

I love how she dons the denim tie on the chambray shirt. And the tulle with a tie? Lerve.

The only other designer I've seen wear a tie well is Emerson Fry (formerly Emersonmade) but she doesn't model her own clothes any more. Boo. Plus, her prices are now too high for me. Double boo. This is where I got my goldie skirt and large flower pins and pumpkin pumps.

Here is her lady-tie loveliness:

Oh, yeah. If you visit that old blog post about Emersonmade like I just did, you will also see this image of tiny deer kissing a shoe:

This, of course, leads to my last one:

Like my friend's dogs she dressed up in party hats? Yes, please.

Or tiny crocheted animals? I think I just squeed myself.

Or piggies in rain boots? A tiny baby goat figuring out a trampoline? Stop it.

Ok, that's enough. I could honestly go on and on.

Plus, my crazy is showing again.