{T.I.L. #2}

I'm just getting back from a visit to California this weekend, but that is not what this post is about. This post is less important but leads to important news. 

I know this seems silly but it is true. I grew up in Natchez, MS and Taco Casa was our saving grace in that tiny little mall. We looked forward to eating there every Saturday after shopping with our mom at McRae's (read in MS accent: Muh-Craaaaeeys) and charging it all on those new-fangled things called charge cards. Oh, the 80's.

I forgot all about Taco Casa until last year when I saw it in Denton and realized it was the same chain as when I was a kid. And it tasted the same! Those bean burrito memories sure are strong. 

But to be honest, I'm kind of getting sick of Taco Casa now. I've had so many mild bean burritos with no onions lately...they are really cheap and filling. And I need cheap and filling when I have just signed my life away to a 15 year mortgage. Did you hear that?

I bought a house, y'all.