{T.I.L. #6}

Yesterday I talked about art prints from a blogger I really love. Well, that's not the only talented blogger I buy stuff from. My other favorite blogger, Elise Blaha Cripe at Enjoy It Blog is super-talented and somehow manages to be Type-A with a chillax personality. She's kinda the best of both worlds in my opinion. 

Her designs are super simplified (it's obvi that I like simple at this point) but they all have a sort of thematic element that I'm drawn to. I'm so drawn to it that I pretty much own her entire rubber stamp collection.

But that's not the point of this post. 'It's nooooot?' you cry. No it isn't. The thing I really love right now that she just churned out is like having her art prints & stamps at your own fingertips. So:

Digital stamps are one of those "I didn't realize those existed and yet why didn't I think of that?" things. 

I can make my own personalized versions of her work and use it for framing, scrapbooking, screensavers, whatev.

I'm just learning tricks to make it fun and she has some videos on her site to give you ideas. Gosh, I love this girl and all her craftiness she puts out into the world (I actually have another post about her coming up this month.) So, I'll use her favorite word to describe these digital stamps...Rad.

And since it is Friday, I'll leave you with one of the pics I created from her digital stamp set: