{T.I.L. #16}

Have you ever read this book?

If you are not familiar with the kids' book, it is basically a circle story where a mouse wants a cookie and goes through a whole series of 'wants' before the story winds back around to the cookie.

I've basically been in a hella-frustrating, technological version of "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie". It all started last month & goes a little something like this:

--If you take a picture with your super-old iphone 3G (that you are about to upgrade tomorrow), it will crash

--When it crashes, you will realize you don't have a very current backup so you have to fix it using Google's help

--You will use Google's help, but you'll find all the 'fixes' don't work on your phone so you reach out to a techy friend

--When you reach out to your techy friend, he will try to fix it but can't do it easily. He can fix it over time, but says you can get a new iphone 6 while you are waiting

--You will get an iphone 6 and you'll want to plug it in to transfer your last backup (that was long ago) to at least get your old notes and pics and stuff

--When you plug in the iphone 6 to your Macbook Pro, it won't recognize it

--If it doesn't recognize it, you'll want to make an appointment with the Apple Genius Bar

--When you go to make an appointment online (because they don't list any freakin' numbers), it'll tell you to upgrade your software because it is out of date

--You will get confused on how to upgrade your software (because it says it is current), so you'll just call Apple Support to make the appointment

--If you call Apple Support, the automated assistant will try to read your husky, sick voice and re-direct you to the wrong department

--When you are re-directed to the wrong department, the live person will finally help you get connected

--If you wait on hold to get connected, you may find that you get hung up on. Thrice.

--If you get hung up on thrice & and have to do the husky-voice-live-person-debacle each time, you may start to get a little ticked

--When you get ticked, you will finally get the attention of a guy who can help

--The guy who can help will lead you to upgrade your software so you can plug in your iphone 6

--He will try to take over your laptop in a share session, but your out-of-date software won't let him

--If your software won't let him take over, he will lead you to upgrade using a different method

--When you use a different method, you will search to find your laptop on the list of available upgrades

--As you search for the upgrade, you will find your Macbook Pro is not listed because it stops at 2010 and yours is from 2009

--If you want to use a Macbook from 2009, the helpful guy will tell you it is a dinosaur & to make an appointment with the Genius bar to buy a whole new computer 

--You will remind him you can't and that's why you called so he will set up an appointment for you next week so you can buy that new computer

--Before you buy that whole new computer, you will need to back up your old one first

--When you go to buy a backup drive, you will find that your computer is too old for it to plug in and need that new computer with new software for it to work 

--And if you ever get to buy that new computer with new software, then you can finally plug in your iphone 6

--And chances are, if you plug in your iphone 6, you'll want to take a picture.

I hope you enjoyed the children's book version of my technologically stressball of a month.

I would like to conclude it with my new way of storing events & pics:

Pic Via

Important Notes:

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Birthdays, Dates, & Phone Numbers:

To-do lists & Reminders:

And also how I'll be getting around town:

Just kidding...but it feels this way
This article I read recently talks about how we are putting all of our history into these digital files and we need to be careful as the ever-evolving software makes access to them impossible. While I know my situation isn't impossible, it made me realize now more than ever that:

I have always had a love affair with the written word, handwriting & calligraphy, snail mail letters, thank you cards, and printed pictures. I guess this was just a digital push to get me back to my handwritten roots. 

Update: The Apple phone support guy was kind of a liar and I didn't need a new computer. Apple Genius Bar upgraded my software so that I could take it home and upgrade my software. Fun, huh? It only took 10 hours of my Sunday, but now I think I can get on with life!