{T.I.L. #18}

I like to wake up all bleary-eyed in the mornings with *just* enough time to tame the curly beast on top of my head and stumble down stairs to make my pour-over butter coffee.

Screeeech. Butter coffee??


{That's usually the first thing people say when they hear I put butter in my morning coffee. I hear ya. But don't knock it until you try it. Or at least look at it before I try it.}

So, where was I? Oh, yes: 

I first heard of putting butter in my coffee from Dave Asprey at Bulletproof Exec. He makes a lot of claims about his coffee but I don't really get into all that like I used to. 

However, once I tried his method, I was hooked and now I'm in it for the taste. I do things a little differently than Dave (and he would be disgusted by my modifications I'm sure) but the heart wants what the heart wants.

Here is my personal method in picture steps:

I start with the beans. You can use any fresh beans, but I happen to personally like his coffee he sells. It is pricey but super-smooth in my opinion.

I'm a super-taster and it is just about the only coffee that doesn't give me this face:

Anywho, I start my water boiling in an electric kettle & use a burr grinder to grind the beans right before putting them in the filter:
Once in the filter, I add sea salt to the grounds as I heard this cuts down on the bitterness of coffee. I personally love it this way, but my sister says it tastes too salty for her. 
I add about a tablespoon of Kerrygold Grass-fed Irish salted butter (key ingredient is Kerrygold! Most recommend the unsalted but I didn't like it that way.)
It must be this butter! Cheapest is at Costco...look at all the yummy!
I drop it right to the bottom before I pour:
I personally use a measuring cup underneath so I don't overpour my hot water. I've got this down to an exact science and now I don't mess with the regimen!

Once the water stops boiling, I wait for about a minute and then pour a tiny amount in the grounds so they can 'bloom':

 Not just yet. Wait for iiiiitt...

Once the coffee gets a little puffy, it is time to pour the rest of the water in. I use a steady & slow, circular motion as I pour the hot water over the coffee. 
  Then, I let it sit and drain.

The worst is if I overpour, so I keep an eye on my measuring cup. My goal is to hit 12 oz. Almost there!
On some sleepy mornings, I've overpoured and had to have watery coffee. Blech!

I add some of this bidness:
It isn't cinnamon unless it's extra fancy
I use this or MCT oil for extra energy

And it looks like an oily, hot mess.
If you were to stop here, then I guess I could understand the 'Ew!' factor. But oh man, keep going with a frother or blender:

And you will end up with a butter latte! If you think about butter being cream, then it makes sense, doesn't it?
 Except butter is soooo much tastier than cream.

Mine ends up tasting like a salty toffee latte and it is the best. 

Just don't try to drink it when it cools down...not as good when the butter turns to cold blobs. Also, I drink this as breakfast because I don't like to eat in the morning. It gives me calories and fat without making me sick like food. My 12 oz cup will keep me full for about 3.5 hours. The more butter and oil you put in (careful! start with a small amount and work up), the longer it lasts with keeping you full. 

But we elementary teachers have to eat lunch when most are eating brekkie, so this works for me. Remember, don't knock it until you try it!