{T.I.L. #19}

Ohmygosh, that kinda sounds wrong when you say it without context.

I'm talking about these cuties:

I have loved these cars since I was a little kid. Don't get me wrong, I adore my new car, but there is something awesome about the simplicity of the International Scout. Of course, I'd need my handy-dandy mechanically inclined brother to totally restore it and make sure it has A/C, but aren't they awesome?

I also have the habit of finding them around town and photographing them (I mean, I'm sure the owners don't mind, right? I sure wouldn't.) I make sure no one is in them before snapping a pic.

That gal doesn't count...she was just photobombing this beauty

And is it just me or do these Scouts always seem to have cute boys or super-tan girls as owners? I guess I better start laying out. 

I know most people would say they are not practical for regular life...unless you are these Craigslist people:

It is a proven fact that babies adore International Scouts.

So it is settled. I'm getting one someday to carry my kayak that I don't have and go play! Or maybe I should get it now?

Current Craigslist ad:

 That one would do just fine...