{T.I.L. #5}

I feel like I've exhausted the house news for this week, so I'll take a wee break from that arena to tell you that:

I have a specific style artistically and I have searched for bloggers & designers who stand out to me. 

One of my very favorite bloggers is Emily from Jones Design Company. Her art prints are easily my go-to prints and I feel like everything she creates is clean, classic, and beautiful. 

In fact, I love her style so much that when she started offering her Simplified Graphic Design Class, I jumped on it. I am still making my way through the lessons (it is self-paced, which is the devil for me) and I still need to buy Photoshop/Illustrator to practice (um, remember those fridges I spoke of? Photoshop. Fridge. Photoshop? Fridge? Sorry Photoshop. I'm busy saving right now.)

Someday, maybe I'll finally make my way through the self-paced class & start creating art prints for myself. Until then, I always have Emily and her darn cute art prints...