{T.I.L. #8}

I'm a big traveler and I love taking trips to see people I care about (that's another TIL post though!) or to do something fun. Last weekend, I flew to LA for family and this weekend I drove to Houston for a woodworking class (aha! another TIL post for later this month...man, I'm full of these things.) No trip of mine is complete without a great book and good music.

In honor of my travels, I thought I'd share that...

I kinda hate driving {though my car has helped that tremendously} but I find it tolerable when I can jam out to a variety of bands on my old school iPod. When the screen on my iPod broke a few years back, I thought it was useless. But being able to hook it up to my car's USB port has been nothing short of amazing. And also have it all on my iPhone? Thanks, Apple. I love that I can pick from my entire music collection as I'm cruising through the air at 35,000 feet or about to nod off during the flat stretches of the Texas highways. We may have great sunsets, but a pink sky doesn't stop my eyelids from drooping...Arcade Fire's Reflektor album does.

I wrote about liking good music in my first round of Things I Love, but that was more about loving live music (which I deffo do!) Rather than do a re-hash, I thought I'd give you a few links to new music I'm currently loving. This is soooo the tip of my music iceberg, but I could honestly make a whole month of music posts (March Music Madness? Many Musics March?) I'll just give ya my top three as of February 8:

--Taylor Swift's 1989

I took the pic of Shake it Off but my current fave on this album is the song 'Wildest Dreams'. Can't get enough of it. 

Some people dog on Tay-Tay but honestly, someone that can write so many hits, play their own instruments, put on a stellar performance, and keep cranking it out album after album...and you think they are a hack? That's just silly talk. I don't care if you don't like the style of her music. Hell, I loathe opera music but that doesn't mean they aren't mad-talented musicians. So, I gotta plug my Taylor when I can because I really do love her style, music, and confidence.

--Max Frost 

I really didn't have to include a picture but I have to. Don't let his handsome face and well-dressed exterior distract you from the fact that this fool has soul. 

I love when great music comes from unexpected people. This dude is suuuuuper young (don't ask me why I checked his age) but he sounds like he's been making music forever. His voice has experience if that makes sense.

I'll link his more popular song but check out his website and follow him for reals.

My favorite song of his is 'Nice and Slow'. Weird vid but the song is so so good:


Oh, Rhodes. Speaking of music coming from unexpected people, Rhodes is the epitome of this. 

Rhodes on left with Sam Smith--from Rhodes' Facebook
He looks like a Freshman in high school sometimes, but wowee. My mom actually introduced me to Rhodes (the music, not the guy...I'd probably fangirl up and ramble if given the chance) and I've been hooked ever since. I honestly can't pick a favorite but I'll link the first song I ever heard of his:

My mom is ob.sessed. with this next song (and made me and my sister happily watch the video more than once, no lie):

So, there ya go...a peek into my current iPod re-plays. 

Taylor is already coming to Dallas this year and I'm-a-goin'. Max Frost came to Dallas last weekend but I was out of town. Big boo. Let's start a campaign to get both Max Frost & Rhodes to come to Dallas. Together.

My mind would explode.