{T.I.L. #12}

So, newsflash, I'm single. I have lots of wonderful married friends who are trying to think of that one peacock they overlooked when trying to set me up. 

The lawn guy? No, he's only 21. And possibly a womanizer. 

That cute nerd at the tech conference? He's perfect. And Buddhist.

What about that one guy we met at the Bar-be-que last summer? Oh, he's getting married next month. Ooops.

That's pretty much how these conversations go and I love that my friends and family are trying to hook a girl up. Sometimes these failed setups lead to a dead end and SOMETIMES they lead to a guy who writes my new favorite blog. 

My brother-in-law knew of this guy through a friend and suggested he set me up. Groan. I'm pretty sure he's not my type. I'll just do like any normal girl in the year 2015 and Facestalk him look for his picture on Facebook. Score! I found him. Oh, man, he has videos...double score. A blog? Now, this is getting good. 

I go to his blog for fun because this guy can't be serious. He looks super interesting but most boys with blogs are suspicious. It took like 3 posts for me to decide that I need to know this person. Like, yesterday.

I laughed so hard at Dear Future Wife and then I showed my sister who also found the blog hilare. Then I saw the far-off, dreamy look in her eye as she wondered how she was going to hold my future babies I have with him when I move so far away to his hometown. "I'm sure we'll make it work," she decides silently. 

We agree that I have to be set up with this guy. I love Taylor Swift & Chipotle. I hate Nickelback and stick-figure families on car windows. It's like a match made in heaven. 

Except...we find out he doesn't want to be set up with anyone long distance. Or maybe he Facestalked me found MY blog and decided I was too cray to become 'Dear Current Wife'. 

Oh, well. It was all good while it lasted. But seriously, read this blog. It's pretty much awesome.