{T.I.L. #10}

I'm kinda spent this evening (I'll share more tomorrow) so tonight is short and sweet {spoiler alert: no it's not. Short and sweet is just not in my realm of possibilities.}

I love books. Like so much. I read about people and their real-life memoirs, fictional works, self-help books, post-apocalyptic teen drama...you know, the normal stuff.

But what I love the most is the actual storytelling. Whether it is shooting the breeze with friends to recount the work stories of the day or Bible stories that tell about historical events, I often become engrossed in a good story.

I wanted to highlight a story that I've been following and it truly fills my heart with joy to think about this person and her life trajectory. Her name is Katie Davis and you can read about her journey in the book Kisses from Katie. Though I was crying every 6 pages, I found this book to be very challenging.

This single girl basically felt a pull from God to move across the world and adopt young girls who had no one to turn to. 

Katie & her girls...picture from Katie's blog

Honestly, I became aware of how selfish my single life suddenly felt as I thought about my greatest worry being whether they put water in my chai latte or whether Downton Abbey had released yet in the US.

This girl is caring for the fatherless and cleaning wounds of village drunks and buying property in a foreign country and starting a non-profit to help poor working-class women...all in her single 20's. What the ever-loving crap have *I* been doing?

That's not the message of the book or the great story. Her message is that she does it all for the glory and honor of Jesus. That's the best part. That's good news for all of us, including my selfish self. I recommend the book with no hesitation. 

But recently, something was added to her already amazing story and heart for the Lord. Katie Davis got married. 
Her wedding...picture from her blog post

You can read her blog post about her process of trusting God for a husband to enhance her relationship with God, rather than detract from it. 

When I am tempted to go inside myself and wallow, I am consistently reminded of stories like Katie's. When I am seduced by the world's advice to 'go out and get a husband' by using my body and sex appeal, I am reminded of a girl who served Jesus by washing feet and drying the eyes of orphans; orphans who now had a mother. God provides her every need as she depends on Him. On top of that, He gives good gifts...the best gifts. Why am I not convinced of that by now?

There are so many great stories out there, but my favorites are the ones with happy endings.