{T.I.L. #4}

If you have gone in sequential order, you should know by now that I bought a house cottage in an older part of town...the kind of area with big trees (which means lots of acorns) and walkable streets with little shops & bakeries. I mean, it's no 'You've Got Mail' scene, but it is what I'm after.

I know that my house was built around the 1960's (that was probably when it was last painted too. Jeez it's bad.) Because of this, I wanted this to be the opportunity to capture some of that character when decorating or adding to the house.

This leads me to what I've been researching for the last year and to the next thing on my love list:

I've always had a heart for older things and I love the craftsmanship of goods made back in the day.

While thinking through items in my house, I decided I wanted to get a fridge and range that are new but look old. I want new because of efficiency and safety but an older look because of character.

They are cray-expensive but after going round and round, I decided it was well worth the splurge. Here are some of the options I have:

Smeg--loved the look but hate.hate.hate. the name plastered across the front.

Then, there is the Northstar brand--cute but too expensive overall:


Then, the brand I really love (and I found out that it is the same brand Ashley has been planning to get...I have good taste in friends & fridges I guess.) Big Chill--cute and mid-range price with stamped metal body:


Yes, please.

But then I decided it was too expensive and I needed to be practical and get a vintage-y looking fridge at a bargain price. I found this in the GE artistry brand:

 I bought it and waited for delivery. The company was awful, and when it was finally delivered, it was defective and had dents in it. You get what you pay for I guess. It was at that moment I decided to invest in the higher quality purchase that I really liked the most...you only live once, right?

So, I sent the defective, cheap-o artistry fridge back on the truck and now my only dilemma is: 

What Big Chill presh color should I choose?

Pink--impractical, precious, so-very me. I call this the #YOLO choice:

Green--subtle but quirky, stands out but not outlandish. I call this the Statement Piece choice:

White--classic, vintage style with my love of white mixed in. Flexible with colors around it. I call this the Timeless Choice:

I guess you'll have to wait and see...it might be a while because I'm currently broke and super-indecisive when it comes to color choices. 

Heck, I'm still debating which shade of white to paint my walls.