{T.I.L. #3}

In yesterday's post, I started at Taco Casa and wormed my way around to the fact that I am now a homeowner. 

Though there is much more to this story and deserves its own series of posts later on, I'd like to add my new house to the list of things I love.

Side note: I call all houses 1000 square feet and under, cottages. Mine is close enough, therefore, a cottage by definition. Plus, I secretly want to be British.

I should've also mentioned that this post relates to my first post about the show Fixer Upper because my house is adorably small and not-so-adorably in need of some fixin' uppin' (only there's no Chip & Jo-Jo with a 40K reno budget to come in and save the day...)

I will post more detailed pictures later on, but this is an example of how it has not aged so well. Here is a pic of my cottage in its glory days:

I call this the Before-Before

And here is what it looked like when I bought it this fall:

This will serve as the Before...where did all the grass go?

Cute, huh? What you can't see in this picture is the flaky facade it has...I mean, I love chippy wood antiques as much as the next 36 year old Texas woman but I draw the line at the chippy wood being the outside of my house. 

Still, I love it and I'm thankful it is mine {well, I guess it'll be mine in 14.5 years.}