{T.I.L. #15}

I've been sick as a dog this weekend and I'm not really looking forward to another work week to be honest. I've also struggled with technology so much lately that I'm ready to toss all this digital crap and go back to the days of candlelight (another post coming!) and paper & pencil (you guessed it...another TIL post!)

So another weekend gone, another round-up of Things-I-Love-that-don't-deserve-their-own-post.

This stuff from Trader Joe's is AMAZE.  

I heard all the hype around it and thought, 'gee. It's like peanut butter or something but tastes like cookies. It can't be THAT great.' Well, it is pretty darn good. I'm at-risk for spooning it out and eating it directly from the jar, so I insist on eating only one spoonful at a time with a crunchy Honeycrisp apple. They have crunchy and cocoa swirl which I have yet to try. And I hear that there is cookie butter ice cream too. Mmmm.

This is sort of a given. I mean, who doesn't really like twinkle lights? I once had a conversation with a member of a favorite local band who insisted I was the only one who called them this. He said you are supposed to call them 'christmas lights'. Uh, noooo, year-round lights can't be called Christmas lights, in my humble opinion. I really like twinkle lights in a backyard or outside like when I was at Cottonwood in Houston:

I also really love dainty twinkle lights like these at Restoration Hardware. I liked them after reading a blogger who used them in her front yard, and then my friend Ashley bought them this past month and I love them even more in person!

I want to use them around my headboard if possible (or at least somewhere in my bedroom) for an effect like this:
Photo from RH website
I also really like to write to-do lists and make schedules for myself and then promptly not follow them. I guess it feels good to have a plan but I struggle with the implementation part. But dang, if they were giving out awards for best list-writer, I'd surely win!

I like how Elise writes hers out each year and then each month in sharpie to highlight them or check them off as she completes each task:

From her blog

From her Instagram with #makeitpublicmakeithappen
I may try this but for a weekly system to see how I do.  I also like the way Clean Mama sets up her cleaning schedule with one major task per day. 

Again, gotta follow through for a schedule to work. But I'm halfway there, right?