Things I Love Series

One February, 2 years ago, I wanted to share about some topics that were near and dear to me. My idea was to share some 'Things I Love' {or T.I.L.} each day for the whole month. Well, as with most things, my intentions are better than my actions. But hey, at least I know myself, amiright?

Sooooo, since it is February, the month of love, I thought I'd share some more Things I Love. They will be listed in no particular order (ok I lie a little...a few are in a particular order) and I will try so so hard to post one each day because I know your quality of life depends on it. If you want to start with the first batch of Things I Love, you can see them here on my About Me Page.

Here is #1 for 2015:

I'm not talking about the action (well, that's fun too) but the HGTV show with these 2 cuties as the stars:

Joanna & Chip Gaines. They are funny, smart, loving to one another, business-savvy, and super creative. They make old, funky things beautiful again. They restore houses to newness while keeping the character of the oldness. These are my.kind.of.people.

I love that my good friend Ashley intro'd me to the show and I especially love that I get to go over to her house each week so we can watch the new season {Amazon Season pass, anyone??}

Here are a few reasons why I love this show...

There is enough exposed brick to last a lifetime:

 This is their farmhouse. Whuuut?

This hallway and pantry...yummy.

And, I mean, even Joanna's garden is presh:

There is so much more to the amaze. Just do yourself a favor and watch the show if you haven't already, read her blog, peruse her pictures. You may have to fight jealousy but I feel it is well worth the effort. 

I love the show for all these reasons but I truly do get inspired by others' creativity. And I need hella inspiration right now. More on that info later...