{T.I.L. #21}

Today's post on something I love may be a little bit shorter (edited to add: nope) because I'm always pooped on the weekends. I'm especially pooped today because I woke up extra early to attend one of those "do it HERself" Home Depot classes on installing a faucet. I was hoping my new kitchen faucet would thank me...plus I really don't have running water in my kitchen yet. 

When I got there, they didn't really realize they had a class scheduled (even though I registered) so the guy tried to 'make do' by finding one of the plumbing guys to help. And by help, he meant that the toothless worker stocking the shelves was going to 'talk me through' how to install my kitchen faucet. This ought to be rich.

He used hand gestures to explain that (and I quote) "if you can get da old faucet off, you can get da new one awn, pretty easy." 

"So, just follow the instructions in the box? Is that pretty much it?" I asked, knowing my answer.

"Yep." Then he mumbled something about getting a good seal and shutting off the valves at the meter, made a little pinched-nose stinky motion (I mean, ok), and I was on my way. Great class, for sure.

Can't wait to see how the toilet install class is gonna top this?!

All that to say, I had to leave there and then go to the Apple Store to get my computer fixed. I was hoping to stop the awful technological vortex of unhappiness and glad to report that all is going well.
  The Genius Bar > toothless plumber's HD "class"

So, today's post is something I've been thinking about as I am planning out the furniture pieces in my house. It has taken years to refine my style and see what I gravitate toward. I can now say with confidence that:

It is probably no surprise to anyone who has been reading or sees pictures I like or post. 

I obviously like a good distressed finish, but honestly, I just really love the way old stuff looks in a modern home. Clean, freshly painted walls, pressed white sheets, galvanized or brushed metal accents...all juxtaposed with flaky, chippy wood surfaces. Old and new crashing together is my design preference, 9 times out of 10. 

I like to buy stuff that is already old and chippy. However, you can't always find the piece you are looking for. Therefore, I also like to see new stuff painted to look old, like in this picture and tutorial:

My paint-of-choice is Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint because her colors are gorge and milk paint does the most natural, random (though you can control this a bit) patterns of chippiness. She has tons of tutorials and such to get people started. Plus, her accessories are so aesthetically pleasing and I love when products have great quality AND great packaging! 

Marian is also really gifted at painting pieces if you like the chippy look. She takes furniture that looks like this:

And with milk paint (and her God-given design talent mixed with experience) to turn it into this:

I'll keep you updated when I finally paint my pieces using the chippy look. Because...

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