{T.I.L. #13}

I'm super-pooped after doing Valentine celebrations for 1st graders and then going straight to work Kids Night for a church from 6:00-10:30. Happy Valentine's Day to me!

So, tonight I picked something I love that is pretty straightforward and picture heavy. 

Here we go!

 This is an odd one but ever since I could remember, I've had a love affair with the color white. But I don't like the stark white that is all one color resembling a mental institution in a house or in decor. I like layers of various whites, all placed next to one another. In addition to the layers of white and cream, I love to add texture to the white. So, something like: chippy white table in front of a different white beadboard wall with white/gray burlap runner and a stack of bright white books. Maybe something like Dreamy White's old bedroom and living room:

Or Emerson Fry's laundry room in her farm house:
Or Joanna's entire farmhouse (swoon!) highlighted in this post.  Couldn't resist a few more pics of her layered whites:

Coffee Bar loveliness
The layers of white looks so clean and interesting to me. You can also use that as a neutral palette to add some color around the house.

I noticed a trend that is going back to white, so that's nice to see. It makes it easier for ordering things and for getting inspiration from blogs but the downside is that it is no longer original. Oh well, I'll keep layering the whites even when it goes back out of style in a year or so.