More About Me

Welp. Here we are. Don't say I didn't warn you...

Random list of Things I Love. You should probably know right now that I never write the word 'love' in real life. I always write 'lerve' instead. Fun fact.

If you are so inclined, click on each one to read more about what makes me tick. 

I love:
-Music!! So many musics.
-Tutu skirts because, why not?
-Eating to fuel my awesome
-Mr. Darcy. Period. If you have to ask, 'who is that?' then I don't want to know you
-Also Mr. Knightley...was a close second to Darcy but may have overtaken him
-My car because I'm somewhat materialistic and I'm comfortable with that
-The show Fixer Upper. I dare you not to like that show after one episode... 
-Taco Casa mild bean burritos with no onion
-My new house...which I most definitely call a cottage
-Vintage fridges and arm and a leg are definitely worth it 
-Art prints & Digital Stamps to cover my walls and keep my picture frames from getting lonely
-Whiskey & International Scout Trucks because every Southern good girl does. 
-Good stories and storytelling (not necessarily related to the aforementioned whiskey)
-My classroom pet tarantula, Princess
-Funny blogs like Dear Future Wife 
-Layered Whites...wait. what? There's more than one kind of white? Oh, grasshopper, you have so much to learn 
-Old school things like chambersticks, paper & pencil and exposed brick
-Butter in my coffee. Yes, you read that right.  
-Chippy Wood Antiques (or new stuff painted to fake it) 
-Snow days where I get to stay home and do nothing
-A random assortment of awesome things such as Parks & Rec, Fitbits brought by Amazon Prime, Jesus, fall leaves and baby giggles (those last few are so I don't sound so materialistic with the above list)
-Cookie Butter, Twinkle Lights, and Schedules/To-do Lists (not in that order..well, maybe) 
-My Ello Water bottle, shiplap, lady ties, Nothing Bundt Cakes lemon bundlets, and tiny random am I?!? 
-My friends...I'd be lost without them