Life As It Is

You may remember the post I wrote about my 4 Simple Goals back in October. I tried to make it easy for you, as it the last thing that I wrote on this darn blog. Yes, um, that was totally intentional.

Apparently for me, 4 Simple Goals are about as simple as putting together Ikea furniture without their picto-directions. I tried really hard, but didn't *quite* accomplish the 4 simple goals as I'd hoped. But isn't that life?? I'll get to that in a minute...

<--Did I follow in my grandmother's footsteps and get back into dance? 

Not exactly and kind of. I called a ballet studio that specializes in adult classes and it was $90 a MONTH for 4 classes. Whaaa? I think I could hire a personal ballerina to come to my living room for that price! So I decided to go to the open ballroom dance first and just do my Bar Method DVDs for ballet until I get stronger...

Ballroom route you say? Thwarted!! The reason relates to Goal #3 in a way so I'll get to that as well. I did, however, figure out that I would like to take lessons again as I did in college as it facilitates not only the skill but the outlet. I'm contacting Arthur Murray dance studio this week to schedule my 'test' dance lesson for placement. So Goal #1: semi-check?

On to Goal #2. Was it weird to include a nebulous goal about boys? At first, I wasn't sure about this one as I didn't make it very specific. However, as I thought about it, the specifics of how to confront this 'problem' came to me. Like I said, I expect guys to traverse the globe to ask for my number and I don't make it very obvious that I even want them to. I mean, there's a reason why I've named them Peacocks. I'm not really sure where this boy-wall stems from, but I have a feeling that it is related to modern, southern Christianity's views on men, women, and dating. I've been to enough "I Kissed Dating Goodbye" workshops to never date again and I routinely confuse God's desires for us with Man's ideas about what that looks like.

Matthew Hussey, the love guru. What a doll. I was watching a few of his YouTube videos after a confusing date. {Don't you love us ladies? Gotta debrief and analyze!} I liked what he had to say about guys and girls and it was contrary to what I'd absorbed and made law in my life. I took one of his online programs and it COMPLETELY changed how I view guys! Who knew that all it would take was a guy with a British accent giving me dating advice? I'm not exaggerating when I say that I've done a 180 & I am excited to continue to implement the things I learned in the program. In fact, I've already started with amazing results! I'll update this area when there is more to tell...

goal #2: Check with a little bit of Flirt thrown in!
Moving along to Goal #3 and how it helped cripple Goal #1. My goal was to complete the Couch to 5K program in 8 weeks and be a running goddess by December. I was even going to take my sweet doglet with me. What went wrong?

Due to the anatomy of my feet in tennis shoes, I get stress fractures in my mid-foot when I do anything too strenuous. I've had about 4 of them in my adult life and if I don't rest when I get one, it causes a neuroma in my foot (basically like an ice pick feeling when I walk due to nerve inflammation). Happy day, huh?

As you can see, this problem lends itself to lots o' laziness in the exercise department. But I was determined. I had started wearing minimalist shoes and it had been loads better! I downloaded the C25K app (awesome app for this, BTW), turned on my Coldplay album and started going to town. Week One was incredible (I didn't die, yay!) and in the middle of Week Two, the pain started. I have rested it for the last 6 weeks, postponed dancing (see goal #1) and am now ready to start again. Only this time, I will need to go EVEN slower than a couch potato apparently. I plan to walk daily for a month before starting the program again. I will also be adapting the program by following my own heart rate while using their basic setup.  Soleil was disappointed (I'm sure of it!) but 'what's another month, sad eyes?' is what I'll likely tell her.

Goal #3: A "'slow is sexy' so we'll stay updated on this goal" check

Last but not least, the final oh-so-simple goal: Take more risks. One thing I've learned about this experiment in bite-size goals is that they need to be just that: bite-sized. Specific. I made a few notes about how I could take risks but I didn't set out with a plan. I've taken some risks for sure (more on that in the coming weeks!) but overall, I'd like a re-do on this goal. I'd make it more clear this time: 
 Dye my hair dark black! 
      Take voice lessons!
           Ask a boy on a date!             
               Submit my writing to a publisher!

These are specific goals about taking risks. I've got another post in mind for these, so stay tuned. But I'd still have to say...

Goal #4: "Vague but accomplished" check!

After all of this experimenting with 4 Simple Goals, I found that I really liked it. It held me accountable and kept my priorities in check. I am going to continue with goals in the New Year but I do think there is a valuable lesson for me in these last 2 months. As much as we plan and scheme, life happens. While you can't always control what happens, you can control your reaction to it. My motto for 2013 is to 'live life as it is' not how I want it to be. Of course, more on this motto as we ring in 2013. Happy New Year everyone!