P&P's Glossary of Terms

~Princess and the ____...my journey into life, categorized by the Letter P. Why? Because I love Princesses, and Pink, and because I'm Perfect. Just kidding. "P" just seemed easy...and THAT'S how I roll.
  • Paint...all things painting, both Van Gogh-type & Behr-type.
  • Pantry...all things food. And by that, I mean, not McDoodles.
  • Pants...all things fitness & health. Because I need me some motivation. And didn't I just mention McDoodles?? 
  • Partay...all things party. Whether it's my own, or I just highlight someone else's, parties are where the fun's at.
  • Pastry...all things sweet. Because as we all know, it is not even in the same stratosphere as regular food. It's like happiness in a cupcake liner. 
  • Pâté...all things etiquette. Because I have none. And apparently I can't even spell it. Nor can I make that little house thingy over the /a/ without having to copy/paste from the interwebz.
  • Pauperazzi...all things photography. Shot by me. The pauper. Get it? Pauper/me..get it? paparazzi..no, too much? not enough?
  • Paws...all things animal. Like, my dogs. Get your mind out of the gutter. Wait, maybe that was just my mind.
  • Paycheck...all things work. Let's face it, these hobbies/shoes/flower pins/gadgets/trips/etc. don't pay for themselves.
  • Peacock...all things singleness. And boy related. And by boy, I mean adult male over 21.
  • Peapod...all things gardening. I'm currently a brown thumb, but training to be a green thumb.
  • Pearls...all things non-profit/organization. I love how people allow God to take the grit of life and coat it with His grace. Pearls are truly magical and worth being awe-struck about.
  • Pen...all things writing. I'm a writer, did I mention that?
  • Petal...all things flowery. Did I also mention that I love flowers? In a pot, on the ground, in my hair, on the wall, you get the idea.
  • Piano...all things music. Not that I can play it {though I'd like to think I can try}. But I'm darn good at buying it, seeing it at concerts, and appreciating the heck out of it.
  • Pile...all things organizing. Hmmm, this section might be very small because my piles are not.
  • Piña...all things pampery, yummy, or relaxy.
  • Pincushion...all things sewing project; rather, me 'trying' to try other people's sewing projects. I've only ever sewn on a button. They say 'it's simple!' I say 'we'll see...'
  • Pirate...all things copied. From other people's ideas, blogs, etc. Credit will be given, I pinkie promise (see pirate def below).
  • Pirouette...all things hobby. 'But a pirouette is not a hobby!' you say. I know, I know. But one of my hobbies is dance. So, there.
  • Plane...all things travel. Because as you know, I love me some culture. And architecture. And snoring gentleman in the seat next to me.
  • Playdate...all things kid. Not joking-kid, babies-kid. I don't have any little marshmallows of my own, but that doesn't stop me from lovin on other people's kids. Ok, that just sounds weird. I'm an aunt and a teacher--I'm legit.
  • Plug...all things plug-worthy. Meaning, I scratch your back--you know, *wink wink*, tell people about my blog too, dang it! Jay kay, I want you to know about the people I think are rock stars, EVEN if I get nothing but inspiration in return.  
  • Prezzie...all things Giveaway! I don't have a lot of money to give prezzies ("presents" for those who don't speak elementary school), but I'll give things I love with my whole heart. And you better love it with your whole heart or else.
  • Project...all things DIY. Do It Yourself. In my case, it may end up being "Disaster In Yo'_____ (house, kitchen, you get the picture.)
  • Pumpkin Pumps...all things fashion. Again, not like I am fashionable. I just LOVE it. And I probably spent too much money on the pumpkin patent-leather pumps. But when I post a picture of them, you'll see why.
Other terms you may want to know...you just may be lost without them:

~Princess...my name for any girl. Because we are pretty & we are loved by the King. And because I am in my 30's and still act like I'm 12. Just sayin'.

~Princissy...not just any girl: my big sister, who is one of my favorite people on earth. She holds the Sweet Princissy title alone. Anyone else have nicknames for their sisters at age 32? Ok, then.

~Pirate...one who 'borrows' other ideas to create, mimic, or enhance their own. In other words, what most teachers, crafters, scrapbookers, and designers do. Pirating 101: always give credit where credit is due (if you are able). If you aren't able, shame on you.

~Petal-licious...anything adorable or precious or scrumptious (and pretty much all other -ous words to describe lovely things)

~Peacock...my name for guys (because they like to show off and we like to cause them to show off). I guess I should've named them 'princes'. Oh well. Too late.

~Presh, Nast, Prezzie, etc...anything shortened or with the ending turned into something a cheerleader might say. Just imagine me talking and then add on an ending until it sounds like a coherent word you know. And there you have it.