It only took me 7 years...

I'm no computer simpleton, but I tell you, some of the 'easiest' things for others are VUURY difficult for me. Well, I just tackled one such thing. Like, I tackled it, wrestled it to the ground, and pwned it.

Thanks to 7 years of ambition (and fear!), one google search, 10 minutes, and some trial and error, I finally transferred my domain name so that you can type in the blog address WITHOUT 'blogspot' attached to it. Whaaaat?! Yes.

I know, I know. This may be dumb to you, but this little irksome bit has been a real downer since I started my blog; a constant reminder that I struggle to carry through with goals/visions I have when they feel fraught with obstacles. Maybe I am making it more than it is, but this was a huge success for me (and if you know me, you get what I'm saying. Maybe you even clicked your heels for me just then. Too much?)

Basically, I'm excited because I just downgraded this mountain back to a molehill...

Celebrate with me & share this-->www.princessandthe-p.com with a friend! Now that the glorious summer of driving is over {more on that later}, I'll try to write more frequently.

If only I could get the pet bed girl to realize that she doesn't need to renew princessandthep.com, I could lose that darn hyphen! (Though it IS kind of growing on me. If I get rid of it, people might wonder who 'Thep' is, and why he's with Princess.)