4 Simple Goals

After reading this post from a blog I love called A Beautiful Mess, I decided to play along. This blog is great because it covers so many areas of life. I am also partial to it because it is written by two creative sisters and I happen to have an incredible sister myself {if only she and I could work together. man, what an awesome job.} Anyways, how cute are they?

I often get overwhelmed by life and work and making/reaching goals, but I thought the challenge to write '4 Simple Goals' might be right up my alley. Because on any given day, I could sing "I'm too lazy for my goals" (while borrowing the tune from these guys) to describe myself.

So, I'm gonna do it. I will post mine in picture form because that's how I think. I'm pretty visual, so maybe they'll stick better that way? *fingers crossed* Time will tell, folks. Time.will.tell.

Here you go if you want to keep me accountable. I'll post back on
 'the P' to report how I've done before 2013 rolls in. Update here.

I have had several opportunities to dance like I used to (swing, Country Western, ballet, hip hop, ballroom, flamenco) but I have chickened out lately. I'm not really sure why (well, I guess because I'm afraid I've lost all dance ability and will look like a complete fool!) But, I'm going to just try SOMETHING before the year is up. Here's to hoping it's like riding a bike. Only with a sweaty partner. And using every muscle in your body. On your tippy toes. Eeek.

I'm a hopeless romantic. I believe a boy should stop traffic to tell me I'm beautiful or ask for my number. Only that's kinda unrealistic I'm finding out. Oops. Thanks a lot, rom-coms and Twilight (Edward LITERALLY stopped traffic. But he also sparkles in the sun, so....back to my aforementioned goal #2). Since there are no Mr. Darcys, Mr. Knightleys or sparkly vampires inhaling me in science class, I guess I need to be more open to how modern men actually behave.

I have always hated walking and running but I know it is good for you and I want to love it. Or maybe just LIKE it. Plus, I want to participate in a race when friends get together for a Turkey Trot or a Reindeer Romp or a Cupid Shuffle (I think that's a dance, not a race. In either case, I'm still in: see Goal #1).

You ever notice how many people can just join a 5K race on any given weekend? "Hey, I think I'm gonna go do a mud run on Saturday after my spin class." What?! I honestly have to talk myself out of using a motorized cart at the grocery store after a long week of work. But no more. I want to stop disappointing my dog every night (seriously, look at that face! She does that EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. while simultaneously glancing at her leash.) I'm using the 8-week C25K app on my iphone to help me keep track. If only it supplied the energy...

Friends who know me have heard me use the phrase, "I'm saying 'yes' to life!" It's super cheesy, but it is what I have to do. My default answer has been 'hell to the no' when it involves risk-taking or stepping out of my comfort zone. I'm over that. That life is safe but boring. I have a lot of passion and creativity and I'm not afraid to use it. Ok, yes I am. But I'm ready to take some chances before 2013!

That's it! I'll update if & when I start meeting these 4 Simple Goals. Feel free to comment about your own 4 Simple Goals or leave a link to your blog/Facebook/Twitter/other cool social media tool I'm probably not using...I'd love to see who else (besides me!) needs a kick in the pants for the rest of 2012.