Princess and the Pauperazzi: Bon-adventure Cemetery

 Am I the only fool who likes to hang out in cemeteries and take pics?? I have like 3 different iPhoto albums of cemetery stuff. Hmmm...don't read too much into that, thankyouverymuch.
This was from my recent sister trip to Savannah/Charleston/NC for Spring Break {more pics to come--and not all of them are morbid, I pinkie promise}

I just loved this pic for some reason...I've wanted to go to Savannah ever since I read this book back in the day. So, my Sweet Princissy offered to be a creeper with me to fulfill my weirdo dream photographic needs.

Here is the pic I took of the cemetery gate so that you can find it when you go and hang out there, ok? (You can thank me later):

PS. I must clarify that I only do the cemetery hang-age in the sunlit, bright and shiny daytime. Anybody else understand this love of mine?


Princess and the Pen: I Moved!

Not houses. Blog spots. {sigh of relief for those that would miss me too much if I left town...}

I have been blogging since 2004 and after lots of thought, I had decided to expand my blog to allow for a more well-rounded picture of myself. Lots of posts that I had for my previous blog Brownie Bytes didn't make the cut because they seemed too...trivial. I always felt that the Brownie 'bytes' had to be of a certain category ('And what would that be?' you probably wonder).

Well, now I am breaking out of my self-defined cage and probably irritating some people with my ridiculousness. Thanks for those joining me in that endeavor!!

The premise of this new blog--> my commentary on all aspects of life, annoyingly alliterated (is that a word?!) with the Letter P--and no, this is not Sesame Street. {Check out my 'Glossary' to the right in case you are curious about my categories of all things letter P}

Love you all for traveling over here with me and thanks for reading my musings for the last half-decade. *gulp* I will keep the old blog up and running for my own archival purposes, and so that I can laugh at my 25 year old self when I ranted about singleness. ha!

Old blog if you are interested (or bored): www.browniebytes.blogspot.com


Princess and the Project: Cuz I'm a Sloth, Yeah-Yeah-Yeah

It's official: I'm a sloth. Of the ten-toed variety. I spent my whole Sunday looking at blogs/design ideas/websites/yaddah/yaddah...I guess I feel I 'deserve' it after a long week, I dunno. (BTW...the title comes from this 80's tune for you to sing right along. Don't ask why THAT tune popped into my head for the title, cuz I don't know!)

After looking through all the darling blogs and getting a wealth of ideas (Can you say 'Princess & the Pirate?'), I realized that I might actually have to get off my rear end to try some of this stuff. What good is it to collect a ton of inspiration, only to live life on the sidelines while others play the game?

My first honest-to-goodness thought: 'Who in the hey has time to get all this done in a day/week/month/lifetime? And then I felt even worse with my second thought: 'One thing that the blog ladies have in common--KIDS.' Man, I'm single with no kids. I don't even have a Peacock to impress with my DIY craft loveliness or take up all my free time. I have no excuses. So, here's to healthy guilting & to getting up and trying things that make me happy. 

But first, I guess I'll start with the laundry.


PS. What are your tips for gettin' stuff done?