Paying off the Bully

As you may recall, I've been Debt Snowballin' for about 6 years now and was able to pay off a major debt of mine a few months ago. Woohoo!

But, I have to say that this month's payoff of MajD 2/3 is much, much sweeter. You see, when I was a wide-eyed, excited 18 yr old, I was ready to take on the world. With my freshly inked foot tattoo and all my belongings in a poopy-brown jalopy, I was off to attend Texas A&M. The only problem was: I didn't have a cent to my name. So it was either forfeit college or sign up for student loans. 'Here I come, Aggieland!'

Now I realize it was more like this:

As I entered college, I didn't realize half of what I was getting into. I chose the cheapest college in Texas (at the time), received scholarships every year, obtained several grants, did work study, worked each summer, worked 35 hours a week while taking full time classes my final 2 years, and lived at home during student teaching. Needless to say, I tried to only take the minimal amount of loans to cover the bills. Minimal schminimal.

Since graduating and working for 12 long years to pay off my loans, I'm honestly not sure college is worth it! {Stay in school kids. Or not...}

I am proud to say that I paid off the big bully that I have been fighting with for over a decade. Her name is Sallie Mae and she's a wench. A rich, greedy wench. But unlike regular school bullies, I owed her money and I'm always one to responsibly settle a debt if I am able-bodied. So, there you go Sallie. You can't take any more of my lunch money. That's Wells Fargo's job now.