It only took me 7 years...

I'm no computer simpleton, but I tell you, some of the 'easiest' things for others are VUURY difficult for me. Well, I just tackled one such thing. Like, I tackled it, wrestled it to the ground, and pwned it.

Thanks to 7 years of ambition (and fear!), one google search, 10 minutes, and some trial and error, I finally transferred my domain name so that you can type in the blog address WITHOUT 'blogspot' attached to it. Whaaaat?! Yes.

I know, I know. This may be dumb to you, but this little irksome bit has been a real downer since I started my blog; a constant reminder that I struggle to carry through with goals/visions I have when they feel fraught with obstacles. Maybe I am making it more than it is, but this was a huge success for me (and if you know me, you get what I'm saying. Maybe you even clicked your heels for me just then. Too much?)

Basically, I'm excited because I just downgraded this mountain back to a molehill...

Celebrate with me & share this-->www.princessandthe-p.com with a friend! Now that the glorious summer of driving is over {more on that later}, I'll try to write more frequently.

If only I could get the pet bed girl to realize that she doesn't need to renew princessandthep.com, I could lose that darn hyphen! (Though it IS kind of growing on me. If I get rid of it, people might wonder who 'Thep' is, and why he's with Princess.)


Addiction: An Observation

As an exercise, I was asked to use my super sleuth observational skills regarding something difficult in my life. I've struggled with my very passionate, and at times, addictive 'personality' (though I'm not certain it's cemented as part of who we are; the Lord can make all things new.) But I'm often like a huge pendulum that operates on its extremes, 95% of the time. I decided to turn my self-reflective stream of consciousness into a poem, as I have always enjoyed writing poetry. I love the way you don't have to make complete sense or tie up any loose ends (not that I worry about that much when writing sentences, ha!) I love poetry's perfect imperfection: a complete thought can be conveyed without making it grammatically complete. So here's my shot at observing addiction; these thoughts stemmed from how an addict of any kind seems to mirror their addiction:

lying limp and lifeless on its edge
drained of its contents, remnants remain
once holding sweetness, brimming with energy in its flow
no more

it gave of itself until it had nothing left, a shell empty and hollow
tossed sideways, covered up and forgotten
to be replaced by another just like it
one more, another, then another...no satisfaction gained

it’s almost as if its insides foster unsatiated appetite
the more you taste, the more you want
the closeness must be broken, severed
never to have another like it.

Can you guess what I was observing? Click here for a pikkie representing one of my addictions (honestly, I'd probably be addicted to tree bark if I could get it in a drive thru!) Here's my prayer for all of us who struggle with addiction: May the Lord bring us to a place of relying solely on Him for comfort, balance, and life itself.


Princess and the Partay: A '33-Mendous' Birthday!

First things first...thanks for all the birthday wishes and for participating in my 'You scratch my back and I'll send you a free Seryn CD' giveaway (and for the record, the word "Prezzie" is short for "Present", not to be confused with "Pretzel" or "Puzzle." Just teasing you, Princissy!)

And the Seryn CD winner is....

Chrissy is one of my longest, 'we still talk & visit' friendships that I have and I love that she supports my dreams, hopes, and life. The beautifully recorded CD is already on it's way to you in a pink package (what else?!)

For everyone who participated, thanks a million! Even if you didn't, I still love you. Kind of. :) But you can still pick up the Seryn CD and check it out, or order them up at iTunes. 

On to the birthday festivities:

I have rarely, if ever, had a friend throw me a party on my actual July 2nd bday. As you can tell from my last post about this, summer birthdays can sometimes be lacking in the friend department (though family is always sweet and accommodating). This means that all the fun school birthdays, surprise parties, birthday lunches, announcements, etc. as a kid were not able to be done. And even as an adult, my workplace forgot to give me my "Birthday Jeans Pass" one year. (Jean passes at my school were like water to a thirsty man. But it's all good, because my lovely office staff accidentally gave me 2 this year...another perk of summer birthdays: they couldn't remember. I wore both and told myself it was for missing it the year before. Ha!)

Now don't get me wrong, I've had many friends who've more than made up for this summer bday prob. Bless them for trying to make my day special in May, late July, the fall, you name it. I feel loved. And I've thrown together my own shindigs on my actual day as well. But there is something about having another person gather friends, make dinner, and bring presents to open on my actual day that you fall/winter/spring folks just can't understand (and probably are thinking I'm going on and on about something ridiculous!) But you holiday birthday people are picking up what I'm layin down, right??

So--a big thank you to my sweet friend Ashley and to my friends who came...I enjoyed every minute of it. Right down to the wee hours of 1:00. You can check it out on Ashley's blog post, but here's a few pikkies:

I knew my birthday was going to be awesome when I got this e-mail first thing in the morning...

Sarah & I listened to him sing 'Happy Birthday' and then we sent it as a voicemail to my mom for her belated birthday wishes. We heard her chuckle from the next room--you gotta love a 60 year old Belieber!!

For the party, I wore my Pink birthday Tom's...

Here was the sign Ashley made outside her house...so sweet!

 The centerpiece...she sewed these cuties together with a piece of thread.

Blurry, but you get the idea...I was told they were 'sparkler' candles. If you must know, I'm terrified of fireworks because my delinquent brother shot a bottle rocket up my corduroy skirt as a child. Haunts me to this day. But they weren't so much 'sparklers' (picture Chris Farley air quotes here) as they were 'little sparks every 10 seconds and then re-light when you blow it out' candles. For some reason, I couldn't handle it. I laughed so hard, my sister had to blow it out from the side.

Here is one opening presents. Yay! for more Tom's (can you tell I love them??); yay! for the Vera Bradley bag & keychain; yay! for my Justin Bieber Never Say Never DVD! (though I opened that one earlier this month...) My friends know and love me well.

I wore my new chocolate Tom's the next day in fact. Here they are:

I must say that I had a very laid-back, relaxing birthday with people I loved...that is the best present of all (do I sound like an after school special yet?) And thank you to all my friends who have made me feel special every year, whether celebrating with me on July 2nd or October 2nd. I even have a best friend (that's you, Amanda Hill!) who sends me packages and makes me wait until my actual birthday to open them. She knows I can't stand the suspense, but does it anyway. Man, I love my family & friends!


Princess and the Prezzie: 33-Mendous Music!

You may be confused by what a 'Prezzie' is...don't worry, you can figure out my categories & words {here}. Simply put, I'm about to have a birthday!! When I turned 31, my best friend Amanda Hill (you'll meet her in a later post) said it would be '31-derful' and I loved it. Some friends helped with '32-rific', and the ridiculousness continues with the fact that I am going to be '33-mendous' on July 2nd. Whoop. Not quite sure what next year will hold, but I'm sure you'll be waiting with bated breath.

A funny thing about birthdays with the Brown sisters: whenever Sarah had a birthday, I pitched a fit until my mom let me open a present too. Because my birthday was in summer (a 7 yr old can only have so many swimsuits), and because I was bratty, it became a tradition for us to get presents on each other's birthdays. This year is no exception. I want to give YOU a present!! (and I mean 'you' singular, cuz I only had change for one gift). BUT IT'S A GREAT ONE!

Ok, on to the point of this post...(there's a deadline, so skip to the very end if you are greedy & impatient like me, ha!)

The category should be 'Princess and the Piano' because technically it is about music. But I have found that life doesn't always fit into neat little boxes. In fact, it NEVER seems to. So, I'll just tack on an extra category if you promise not to tell. Most of you know that I heart music with a passion. From Bieber to The Cure, Tom Petty to Usher...I love just about any type of music. I also really like local music because of the intimate settings and the fact that a member of this band below was one of my Starbucks baristas (she's too cool for that job anyway, so let's help her be famous, okay?)
The band is named Seryn and they are from Denton, TX. They are all beautiful with voices that harmonize like Jesus is returning. You can read how the band got together {here}. It's pretty awesome. I remember thinking my Starbucks barista was so cool looking with her blond dreadlocks (little known fact: I've ALWAYS wanted to sport dreads!) Then I went to Kevin Roden's Drink & Think house show and she was playing in a band! I fell in love with their music that night, and since then, I've been going to their local shows Dr. Seuss style--

I've seen them in a house, 
       I've seem them in a pub,
             I've seen them in a church, 
                  I've seen them in a club.

And now I want to share them with you! I bought their CD today at Recycled Books in Denton. See?

BTW Seryn: this was the last one they had. Yay!

And it's YOURS if you want it! Here's the catch: like any brat, I want you to do something for me before I just give it away. They need our help to win a sweet contest, plus I want as many people as possible to know about them anyway. So this is how you can win the free CD (each one is an entry):

~Link this blog post on your Twitter, Facebook, a friend's FB page, or whatever cool way you talk to peeps on the interwebz

~Go to {this page} and rate Seryn with 5 stars/all other bands lower stars (hey, we want them to win, right?)--voting ends Friday,June 24th!! 
  --> The video quality on that page doesn't quite show how great they sound, so you can also take a listen below. 

~Use a different e-mail address and VOTE AGAIN. 

**Then...leave a comment or e-mail me and tell me all that you did..I'll put your name in for each vote, re-post, tweet, etc. We're going honor system style here, so don't let me down. :)

I will announce a birthday buddy winner on my birthday, July 2nd & I'll send it with love in the mail. Though time is of the essence for the contest (voting ends TOMORROW people!), you can still link/send this to people you think might love them like I do and want free stuff from strangers! And...go!

As a side note, I think all music stirs something in your soul and it is different for each person. Listening to Seryn makes me want to walk in fall leaves, or write a book, or dance, or snuggle up & kiss someone (TMI?)

                             What does Seryn stir up in you?


Princess and the Pauperazzi: I'm all over the place

Just a picture post that is TOTALLY random, as this is often how my mind works {collective *gasp* from those who know me}. As a side note, I wanted to write "rrrr-andom" because I originally said it with an operatic rolling R...but it didn't quite translate through the lines and squiggles. I can demonstrate it for you later if you want the full effect. Here are some happenings over this last week:

Check out this little pot o' gold I received (Fed Ex Truck=rainbow in this illustration...go with it):

I was this close to playing Credit Card Roulette on Kidd Kraddick in the Morning...almost uploaded it, but then was too embarrassed about my balance to go through with it. Put down your gavels, Judge Judys, it's mostly dental/medical bills (I try to buy my little pots o' gold with a stack o' green). For all of you wondering, I DID NOT choose the super-sweet bull/bear card. It chose me. And yes, I need to stop chewing on my fingers.

I walked outside to find these little trashy puppies on my sidewalk. All down the street it looked like a gremlin got a hold of box of napkins and went to town. Are we really doing this in 2011? Who still gets newspapers thrown to their doors (without even signing up for it)? I felt like I should grab Lassie & a nickel and ride my bike down to the soda shop. 

It's called the internet people. {No trees were harmed in the making of this Public Service Announcement...well, except for the subject of the photo. But that's my point.}

Does anyone else have a little collection of tiny, useless pins? I mean, I'm so honored to have the honor ('Yay, our school is exemplary!' 'Yay, I finished my Reading Recovery training!'), but I always feel obligated to hang on to these. In all seriousness, it's not like I have a letter jacket for Life that can display these little cuties. What's a girl to do?

The school year ended (whoop) and I have successfully dwindled down the possessions that I have to take home for summer as each year goes by. Apparently, now I won't have to carry my palm tree anymore, cuz it died in the hot car while I ate dinner with Ashley. Now I refer to it as the "Poopy Palm." It wilted and turned brown..will it ever recover? I know, edge-of-your-seat type stuff here.

Thanks for letting me get all this randomness off my chest. Or rather, off my iPhone camera roll.


Princess and the Paws: Bye-Bye, Brownie

I was never a 'dog person.' When we first got 8 month-old Brownie from someone who couldn't handle his energy, he was already full grown & would literally knock over old people. They had named him 'Buster' because he 'busted everything up.' I quickly changed his name to Brownie because that was my grandfather's nickname and he looked like a hu-mungo brown bear to me. I was so NOT a dog owner, that I used to wash my hands after touching him. I know, right? Little did I know that I'd be practically laying on him 8 years later as we said goodbye to his sweet, little eyes. 
This is the 'I'm so small...you won't even notice I'm here' face

I trained Brownie to do tricks and he is one of the smartest dogs I have ever seen. He picked up the Army Crawl after I showed him one time. He could high-5, shake, catch just about anything, eat just about anything...he even did a front bow every time I walked in the door (like a true Prince, I'd say!)

His nickname was 'Mr. Happy' for this face alone
But Brownie starting having seizures a few years ago and it has been a hard journey ever since. He lost most of his tricks, except sitting & bowing (of course he kept the bow to his Princess...ha!) We struggled with the decision of when to say goodbye to some(one?) who has unconditionally loved you, day in and day out, even in your worst moments. Well, he let us know a few days ago when he stopped eating and couldn't even hold down water. He went from bouncing around like normal to having to be carried to the vet in a matter of 1.5 days. We are so thankful that he no longer has to suffer. But I miss my big, brown bear. So bad.

I still wouldn't consider myself an official dog person, but I can definitely see why they are called 'Man's best friend.' Because they are. Brownie was 1/2 chocolate lab, 1/2 Australian Shepherd...and 'shepherd' he did. He would be on your heels EVERYWHERE you went in the house, up and down the stairs (sometimes risking your life!), escorting the trash out to the back, guarding our door every night, etc. etc. He has left behind his little gal, Soleil, and she is already standing at the door like he's coming back. While it is hard to see such strength fade in an animal, I wanted to post a tribute video of how I remember Brownie the most. Soleil makes a guest appearance as they do the one thing that STILL makes me & my family laugh (it never gets old!) Watch and see how they twist and turn their heads when I mention 'the word you should never say'. He even looks to the leash basket, as if I needed a reminder of where they were. Enjoy!


Princess and the Pumpkin Pumps: What I *Wish* I Wore

I'm no fashionista, that's for sure. In fact, as most of you know, I have worn this jacket pretty much every day & to every event since October. But I don't think you have to be fashionable to appreciate the lovely in life. My clothing budget is tiny, but I have a 'go big & go hungry' mentality when it comes to the things I like. 

Around the web, some ladies post "What I Wore (WIW)" to inspire them to dress well every day and to link/share with others. I love it! I thought, 'Maybe I should too?' Well, I'm not going to do that. I promise, I have worn that brown jacket EVERY day...you WILL get bored with my WIW after about a nanosecond. So instead, my posts will be 'What I *Wish* I Wore (WIWIW) instead. I will just post pics of outfits that inspire me and make me want to dress up my super-snore wardrobe.

My first post HAS to be about Emersonmade. I am in love with these people. There, I said it. I love Jesus more, but I admit to having a huge fashion crush on this company & this couple (read their bio...LOVE). I couldn't decide what to buy first because it can get a little pricey for my little 'teacher-still-paying-off-college-debt' budget. When I saw the website, I was overwhelmed with eye candy. Seriously, don't visit Emersonmade unless you have cash to spend or INCREDIBLE Dave Ramsey willpower...don't say you weren't warned! Let me tempt you, shall I? Here's WIWIW:

How beautiful is she?? Seriously...smart, talented, gorgey.

I WILL own the Goldie Skirt!

To be honest, I am not super comfortable with my body right now and didn't want to buy any new clothes. I know, that's not good. But that's the truth. And then I remembered a quote from the movie, 'In Her Shoes' when the Toni Collette character said, "Clothes never look any good, and food just makes me fatter, but shoes always fit." So I browsed through the flowers (of course...you know how I love me a good petal) and then I saw these stunners:

Even the tee-niny deer kissing the Patent Pumpkin Pumps made me want to buy them (they are marketing geniuses, aren't they??) So, I did. And I heart them. Big time. I also bought my bestie a flower clutch that I had a HAAARRRDD time parting with. The only sad thing I'd have to say about Emersonmade is that everyone buys up all the stuff before I can save some cash for it!! ugh. And some of my faves are not returning. Big boo. Thanks a lot, Dave Ramsey...it's all your fault. At least I got these before they sold out, ha! {I couldn't find a cute little deer, so I posed mine with my two cute little dears...not quite the same effect, I know.}

Anywho, that's WIWIW. How about you, are you in love yet?


Princess and the Pants: "What's that?!"

I teach small group reading intervention and the other day I was chatting with one of my first grade groups...here's what transpired (and why I'm starting a new section on my blog for health/fitness!):

Me: *talking to kids even though they are probably tuning me out*
Little First Grade Princess Cutie: *Interrupting me mid-sentence* "Miss Brown, what's that?!"
Me: *kinda freaking out & thinking...is it a spider? Baby Jesus, get it OFF!* "What honey?"
LFGPC: *pointing generically to my leg* "THAT! That part that's sticking out."
Me: *Bewildered* "What do you mean, sweetie?"
LFGPC: *Pointing directly to my lower leg* "That fat part right there..."
Little First Grade Peacock: "Um, that's her calf."
LFGPC: *sheepish* "Oh."
Me: *saying silently to myself* "Yeah, oh. Um, my 'diet' starts tomorrow. For realz."

Simultaneously, some of my friends at work rallied together and we started the "Chunkless Challenge"--it's like the Biggest Loser meets Cheaters. We each have a goal (mine is to be more healthy & fit). We weigh-in each week and you have to pay $ if you gain weight or eat sugar over 5g. We have a "cheat" item (which I lovingly re-named a "treat" item) every 2 weeks. We've been going for 3 weeks...I already owe money. Oops.

I planned to post pictures of the "extra love" melting off my body, but my body has not gotten that memo. So, I'll wait until I have lost more than my meager 7 pounds. Until then, remind me to stay away from honest first graders.


Princess and the Pirate: Not trying to brag, but...

Ever since I saw this beautiful woven board tutorial on Jones Design Company's blog, I knew I had to try and make it. Since you all know that I've completely admitted to being one of these, I went for it. 

At my job, we have had some changes take place and an idea that has been in the works was finally OK'd by my boss: The Brag Board. I love the idea of a Brag Board at work. It is supposed to be fun and it is one way that you can thank others for lending a helping hand. It is also the place to share things that seem too personal to send out over staff e-mail...or maybe it just seems too small to mention. I believe it's these things that make us human; these are the bits of info that connect us in a place where our only connection is the job we're there to carry out.

So, I recruited my friend and partner in crime, Ashley to help me. Did I mention how talented she is?? Yes, I think I have...

After like a month of procrastinating, we finally dove in and stayed late at school one evening...then realized that we didn't have enough burlap to start. *enter: last minute trip to Hobby Lobby*

Once we got back to school, we started 'The Cut-n-Weave':
Ashley was the cutter...

And I, the Weaver

I stapled as I went, because we couldn't remove the board from the wall
The *finished* product...well, the background at least!
That was the hard part, kind of. The rest of it was "figure out as we go."  I had added a newspaper border to cover the edges, but the board was fighting me. So I attacked it with a stapler. HA! (But then you could see the fifteen staples at each cinch...) Clever Ashley fashioned these punched-paper circles to thumb tacks and Voila! Problem solved.
We added those all around, along with the scrabble-tiled thumb tacks we'd envisioned (we had our counselor do the grunt work on this tedious project!) This is what I got for 'farming' out that job:
Hey! I almost spelled 'FAMILY' We LOL'd on this one.
After the pins-through-the-shoe mishap, we were on our way...we continued with some trimmings and this adorable lil' banner o'flags that Ashley made:
And it was finished! Here is the before and after:
After...muuuuch better.

Here are some of the sweet little details that we added:
Scrabble Tile Thumb Tacks

Sticky Photo Frames--don't try this at home. They are a paaaaiiinn!

"A Little Birdie Told Me..." with a newspaper birdie--thanks Ashley!

Ashley's fabric flower

My watercolored newspaper flower I added to the black frame...I think it looks better in person!

My "stiffie" glued fabric flower I added to the green frame. Yes, you can laugh at the name of the glue...we did!

The Brag Tags...from The Handmade Home blog
There you have it! Lots of sweat, laughter, thought, and procrastination went into this project. This is one act of piracy I am proud of. Ashley found the gift tags we used as Brag Tags here. I will post how to make the different fabric & newspaper flowers lay-tah. I'm sure you're tired of scrollin' by now...

Anything you'd like to brag about? Go ahead...don't be shy.


Princess and the Petal: April Showers Bring May Flowers

It is no secret to those that know me...I love flowers. In a pot, in a photo, on my clothes, and ESPECIALLY, in my hair. I have been wearing flowers in my hair since before it was cool. {I state that as a fact, not in a way to declare myself as a trendsetter. It's relevant to my story, I swear.} 

In fact, my fellow playground princesses decided to forego kickball in favor of making flower chains for our hair (and necks, and ankles, and wrists...) You know, the ones you slice a little opening in the stem, link another flower through, and then promptly dodge all the bees that follow you around the school yard? Yeah, those.

Maybe it's because I've always had a curly 'fro and I felt a petalicious distraction was just what I needed to keep people focused away from my fugg curly bangs or my new-haircut-gone-mullet in the 80's. My sister and I even have a theme song for my hair, but I'll spare you on that one.

I once wore a bright pink Hawaiian flower (by my ear) to a Denton bar and got eye rolls from all the cute college girls (the same ones--I might add--who are probably wearing flowers on their clothes now, 5 years later. Ha!) That instance even spawned a nickname for me from a friend's crush du jour. I simply say all of this because although I am pretty timid when it comes to trends/fashion/risk-taking/being daring in any way, shape, or form, this is the one area where I've never cared about ridicule. I'm not sure why, but I have worn, and always will wear flowers on my person without the bat of an eyelash. In fact, it has helped me examine my life in other areas...why can't I feel this free with my writing? with boys? with dreams? with {insert ANY area of my life here}?

So, today I needed inspiration for upcoming choices I must make about my life. I decided I'd post a pic of a flower I wore to my beautiful friend's shower last weekend, appropriately themed: April showers...bring May flowers! Loved it. 

Ps. Sorry for the "I just took at pic of myself for my Myspace page" angle. I was going to send this flower pic to my bestie, but then decided that was too weird. But not too weird to post it for all of the interwebz to see. Hm.


Princess and the Pearls: The Bieb Bag

Today I went to a baby shower for my childhood friend Amanda. She looked adorable with her big ol' baby bump (at what point is it no longer a bump? Just curious.)

Anywho, the shower was great, but that's not what I am writing about. I was talking with my other childhood friend Jill about life and things and somehow Justin Bieber came up. Well, I'm no stranger to admitting my love for JB and working that into a convo (yes, I'm 32...shut it). There's no shame here. Would I wear these to a movie theater (TWICE!) if I cared about what others thought?

I promise I am getting to the point...you have to follow my rabbit trail to get to the Pearl.

Jill's little girl has a rare disease and has been a little fighter (just like her mommy--love you Jill! *wink). You can read about her story on her Caring Bridge Page. The reason I am posting about this is because Jill told me about this teenager who was inspired by the Biebs' song 'Pray' and decided to help raise money for Ava & a few other charities by making The Bieb Bag out of the vinyl record. They are a little pricey, but for each bag sold, $10 will go to each charity (I believe). How cool is this girl??! I seriously want to meet her...

The Bieb Bag
I call this section Princess and the Pearls because I SOOO love how people take the grit of life and allow the Lord to coat it with His Grace.  This little girl Ava, and now, this teenager, have done just that. Plus, I just love pearls--they are so beautiful & miraculous.

So if you see me walking around sporting 'The Bieb Bag', you can't make fun of me...cuz now you know it is for a good cause! What do you think? Know any little tweens (or 32 year olds, ahem) that could use one of these??


Princess and the Plug: Oh Happy Day!

               **WARNING: Shameless plug alert!**

I want to use my first 'Plug' post to introduce you to a friend and co-worker of mine, Ashley. I have never found someone at work who shares so many likenesses to me, and yet, with such a different personality. It is awesome!

Just today after school: we shared some jokes, shared some serious stories, talked about our upcoming trip to Canton (my first time there!), and then we laughed/cried as I demonstrated this dance move I am 'working' on, with a twisted ankle {from doing something ridiculous at work yesterday I might add}, ALL while holding onto two uneven recycle bins to steady myself. Did you follow that run-on?? Yeah, that's what our friendship is like...and I love it.

Since she is part of the inspirational 'push' I needed to expand my blog world to more closely match my personality, I decided to make a shameless plug for her super-cute-crafty blog (click on pic) and her online store...seriously people, she can make just about ANYTHING! Check her out.

{More pics to come of our trip to Canton...they will probably be of me making this face because I'm too broke to buy anything, but oh well! At least the company is great, right??}



Princess and the Pauperazzi: Bon-adventure Cemetery

 Am I the only fool who likes to hang out in cemeteries and take pics?? I have like 3 different iPhoto albums of cemetery stuff. Hmmm...don't read too much into that, thankyouverymuch.
This was from my recent sister trip to Savannah/Charleston/NC for Spring Break {more pics to come--and not all of them are morbid, I pinkie promise}

I just loved this pic for some reason...I've wanted to go to Savannah ever since I read this book back in the day. So, my Sweet Princissy offered to be a creeper with me to fulfill my weirdo dream photographic needs.

Here is the pic I took of the cemetery gate so that you can find it when you go and hang out there, ok? (You can thank me later):

PS. I must clarify that I only do the cemetery hang-age in the sunlit, bright and shiny daytime. Anybody else understand this love of mine?


Princess and the Pen: I Moved!

Not houses. Blog spots. {sigh of relief for those that would miss me too much if I left town...}

I have been blogging since 2004 and after lots of thought, I had decided to expand my blog to allow for a more well-rounded picture of myself. Lots of posts that I had for my previous blog Brownie Bytes didn't make the cut because they seemed too...trivial. I always felt that the Brownie 'bytes' had to be of a certain category ('And what would that be?' you probably wonder).

Well, now I am breaking out of my self-defined cage and probably irritating some people with my ridiculousness. Thanks for those joining me in that endeavor!!

The premise of this new blog--> my commentary on all aspects of life, annoyingly alliterated (is that a word?!) with the Letter P--and no, this is not Sesame Street. {Check out my 'Glossary' to the right in case you are curious about my categories of all things letter P}

Love you all for traveling over here with me and thanks for reading my musings for the last half-decade. *gulp* I will keep the old blog up and running for my own archival purposes, and so that I can laugh at my 25 year old self when I ranted about singleness. ha!

Old blog if you are interested (or bored): www.browniebytes.blogspot.com


Princess and the Project: Cuz I'm a Sloth, Yeah-Yeah-Yeah

It's official: I'm a sloth. Of the ten-toed variety. I spent my whole Sunday looking at blogs/design ideas/websites/yaddah/yaddah...I guess I feel I 'deserve' it after a long week, I dunno. (BTW...the title comes from this 80's tune for you to sing right along. Don't ask why THAT tune popped into my head for the title, cuz I don't know!)

After looking through all the darling blogs and getting a wealth of ideas (Can you say 'Princess & the Pirate?'), I realized that I might actually have to get off my rear end to try some of this stuff. What good is it to collect a ton of inspiration, only to live life on the sidelines while others play the game?

My first honest-to-goodness thought: 'Who in the hey has time to get all this done in a day/week/month/lifetime? And then I felt even worse with my second thought: 'One thing that the blog ladies have in common--KIDS.' Man, I'm single with no kids. I don't even have a Peacock to impress with my DIY craft loveliness or take up all my free time. I have no excuses. So, here's to healthy guilting & to getting up and trying things that make me happy. 

But first, I guess I'll start with the laundry.


PS. What are your tips for gettin' stuff done?


Princess and the Paws: I ain't 'lion'

Meet Soleil (So-lay). Meet Brownie's boo-hiney. This is what happens when you have 2 dogs and 1 bed. And 1 dog that wants to obliterate the other. Gee, can you guess which one that is??

So, as punishment, we shaved Brownie to look like this:

Just kidding...no, I mean, we really shaved him like that. But in all fairness, it was the groomer's decision to do the 'lion' cut and it wasn't related to Soleil.

But, aren't my dogs presh?

Princess and the Pirate: Font-licious

As my first official act of piracy, I pinkie promised that I would follow the rule of Pirating 101 [look, I made it up but humor me]: 

Give Credit Where Credit Is Due.

I had to tell you where I got the cutest free font that I used in my blog's header. I adore fonts...especially ones that look like I could draw them (even though I'd be delusional to think I can). I fell in love with this website: Fonts for Peas from KevinandAmanda.com

c.u.t.e. cute. Go check it out--they have hundreds! They can even turn your handwriting submissions into fonts. How talented is that?! But don't blame me though if your baby starts cryin' and your husband starts screamin' because you were checking out fonts all night...