Um, hey

Dear Blog,

Um, hey there. It's been a while. I wish I had a good excuse for avoiding you like a bad setup but I don't. I had some disappointments this spring and I let that get in the way of our relationship. For that, I am sorry. To be honest, I think we take it out on those who are closest to us, because you've been nothing but supportive and amazing {except for allowing those spammers to constantly comment on you...that was pretty low, blog.}

I promise to catch up soon {boy, do I have loads to tell you!} but I just wanted to come say hello and that I've been thinking about ya. You know I have issues with proper time management, but that's no excuse for ignoring an old friend. I am trying to think of how to word what's been going on with me...I'm gettin' close to figuring that out. When I do, you'll be the first to know. Pinky swear.

Glad we could break the ice like this and it was really good to see you again, P. You always did have a way with the fonts.

With love,