Princess and the Paws: I ain't 'lion'

Meet Soleil (So-lay). Meet Brownie's boo-hiney. This is what happens when you have 2 dogs and 1 bed. And 1 dog that wants to obliterate the other. Gee, can you guess which one that is??

So, as punishment, we shaved Brownie to look like this:

Just kidding...no, I mean, we really shaved him like that. But in all fairness, it was the groomer's decision to do the 'lion' cut and it wasn't related to Soleil.

But, aren't my dogs presh?

Princess and the Pirate: Font-licious

As my first official act of piracy, I pinkie promised that I would follow the rule of Pirating 101 [look, I made it up but humor me]: 

Give Credit Where Credit Is Due.

I had to tell you where I got the cutest free font that I used in my blog's header. I adore fonts...especially ones that look like I could draw them (even though I'd be delusional to think I can). I fell in love with this website: Fonts for Peas from KevinandAmanda.com

c.u.t.e. cute. Go check it out--they have hundreds! They can even turn your handwriting submissions into fonts. How talented is that?! But don't blame me though if your baby starts cryin' and your husband starts screamin' because you were checking out fonts all night...