That Place

As always, I arrive a little late to the party. What's it been, half a year since I've seen you guys? Wow. Well, I somewhat have a reason for being absent...and I'm also somewhat lazy. Put the two together and my blog is like a Floridian retirement village. I'll try to see you more than when the weather is nice. 

In honor of April being National Poetry Month (see? I told you I'm late to the party. But I'm inb4 May One, so I'm good.), I wanted to share a poem I wrote this past fall. I submitted it to a local writing/art group called spiderweb salon and they published it. I didn't actually see it published or get a copy of the publication, but I trust they had no reason to lie. I'm 92% sure it's in there.

Point being, I write quite a bit of poetry but most doesn't see the light outside my journal or chicken scratch post-its by my bed. I usually get an entire poem in my head at 2 am and I have to get it out before my brain explodes. Therefore, some of it is complete crap. Some is personal. Some is shareable (I think.)

       That Place

Life’s a series of colorfully bland scenes
With each take increasingly dulled
By the monotony of all worthwhile tasks
Through litanies the heart now hulled

Draw deeper in for blushing flesh
It beats in faithful accord
But wonders when the clock strikes time
With severance it gathers reward

Now dreams press in and demand the turn
Their residence brings confusion
To keep in step or cut the rope?
Choice feels a grand illusion

Like father and child making plans
She stretches to secure her greed
His noble and abiding thoughts
Hemming her safely between want and need

I'll spare you the poetry analysis (my mom said it kinda made her head hurt)...this poem was written when I was thinking about wanting to pursue dreams but not be a brat about having to participate in the workaday world.

If you are interested, you can read some of my previous poems.

Hope to see y'all again soon!