God's Circus (and I'm a clown)

I often perceive God’s Kingdom as a serene natural sanctuary. But sometimes, the Kingdom of God (on this earth) feels less like a peaceful sunset at the lake and more like a three-ring circus.


Princess & the Pantry: For the Love of Salad

So, by now you should know that I love Ball jars. But remember? We agreed to call them Mason jars because of the whole 'scream-out-inappropriate-but-accidental-word-choices' thing. There's nothing a good Mason jar can't do. Except maybe to bring me a husband. {C'mon Mason jars, he's out there somewhere!}

You know what I haven't loved? Salad.


I have done very few things for 10 years

Throughout the day, I often think about life in a series of blog posts. 'Oooh, that would be funny on the P' or 'I could turn that pic into a post' 
I mean, I found these in a parking space one time. C'mon people! Doesn't a blog post just spring to mind?!

But then life happens and I don't. Or I sit down to write it and it seems silly to even put it into black & white.