{T.I.L. #23}

I have really enjoyed having a day off of work to do nothing. Snow days are nice because you are forced inside for the most part and you don't have to feel guilty about it. 

I have another day to practice not feeling guilty because we have ANOTHER ice day tomorrow! Yesssss.

Obviously with a snow day, I've had time to catch up on my shows that I don't have time for in the regular workweek. I also had time to catch up on a few Netflix movies that were recommended to me. My friend, Lauren, steered me toward the BBC miniseries movie "Death Comes to Pemberley" and she didn't fail me on this one. Of course it is no secret that I have a mad writer crush on Jane Austen and an even madder crush on Darcy & Elizabeth as characters. This book/movie takes place a few years after the marriage and does a great job of highlighting the real struggle of marrying in a different social class than your own. Plus, it has murder mystery thing going on...I mean, who doesn't love those?!

The other thing I noticed was a frequent use of one of my favorite "old-but-new-but-old" items for my household. I was going to write a post about these anyway, but now I have a movie screen shot:

to show that:

That's right. I'm bringing candles back. I own a few chambersticks and I'm not ashamed to admit that I use them. First off, candlelight is amazing and everything looks so glowy in its brilliance. Second, I love the nod to pre-technology days and I find myself wanting a dimmer evening as I prepare for bed. And last but not least, they are just darn cute to me!

I guess I've always loved them because I used to use a dark brass one in our farmhouse when I was little. My parents were always big candlelight people so it is no surprise that a chamberstick (which is just a personal, portable candle) brings back great memories for me. 

I started collecting chambersticks a few years back but they were harder to find then. Good news: it looks like they are making a resurgence these days! You could definitely go the modern route with some of these futuristic versions. I bought a few modern ones from IKEA:

This one is huuuge and is meant for outside

Honestly, I prefer to browse eBay and other dealers for more vintage cuties:

They go great on a stack of old books or nestled into a built-in bookshelf. Functional decor at its finest! I have a few others up my sleeve but I'll have to share those in another post (I've got my reasons!)

Until then, just wait with bated breath, picture my Jane-Austen-lovin' nerdy self lighting my bedtime chamberstick, and chuckle at my vintage awesomeness. 

And then, go get yourself a chamberstick because you want to be awesomely candlelit too.