Debt Snowball: That's how I roll...

What's this, you ask? Don't get too attached...I sure didn't. I took it straight from one bank and plunked it down at another one. Dave Ramsey style. This week, MajD 1/3 was paid in full and I can already feel the shackles loosening a bit. It is a huge deal for me and I just wanted to share it with the people who care enough about me to read my ramblings. :) 

And don't worry, I didn't do anything shady for this chunk o' change {well, unless you are one of those people who thinks teaching, spray tans, or MLM is shady; in that case, you can judge me all you want. I'll be too busy paying bills to even notice your disdain.} I just worked the Debt Snowball that Dave Ramsey talks about in Total Money Makeover

At first, it seems illogical to pay off the smallest debt first (sadly, my 'smallest' wasn't too small), but he is spot on when it comes to psychology. Because, although this debt's interest rate is higher than my student loans, walking in and paying it off gave me the taste of freedom. And my snowball starts to grow and pick up speed. So, one MajD down, 2 more to go. On to the next!

I have found the best way for me to radically stick to becoming debt-free is automatic withdrawal from my paycheck to a bank payment, before I even touch/smell/plot & plan for the green. Any other creative ways you've found to pay off your debt?