WIWIW: Scarf-Tastic

You may have heard about the What I Wore Wednesdays around the web; the basic premise is that some mommy bloggers take pics of their wardrobe to inspire them to dress up a bit. I think it's a cute idea but I'd probably scare off the 11 of you who are faithful readers if I posted mirror shots of my 2004 Ann Taylor top or my 8 pairs of Toms in rotation. I'm not even sure how many ways you can wear your hair in a bun, but I've been doin' it successfully for 10 years. {Wow, maybe WIW Wednesdays WOULD be good for me after all!}

Well, anyway, until I get up the courage to pose for WIW, I decided to post about  What I Wish I Wore (WIWIW)! I come across some great blogs and people with fashion sense that I really love, so these posts are a shout out to them. 

Because of the colder weather and my complete adoration of scarves, I decided to post about Wendy's Lookbook and her amazeballs scarf tutorial. 
Yes, she's gotten famous because of this video.
Yes, it's already circulated the interwebz. 
Yes, I just used interwebz with a z. 

Regardless, I *heart* this video and I'd like to try out each one of these styles. I think I might need more scarves though!

Isn't it incredible? The video landed her national fame & her boyfriend a sweet film job as a bonus. And of course, more important than her well being & happiness, it taught me not to be afraid of styling scarves. 

My only question for you guys is this: Does anyone else feel like they've just taken off one of these after an evening in a scarf? 

No? Just me, then?