Hey there 2013, nice to meet ya. My feelings toward you: so far, so good.

I had a very low key NYEve, but it was a productive one. Let's cross our fingers that it will be a sign of life to come for me. I have so much swirling around in my head and rarely the energy (a polite way of saying discipline, let's be honest) to carry it out.

In my last post, I mentioned having to break it to my dog that we would be re-starting our running plan to more of snail in slow-mo pace, and I think she took it well. Here is her reaction:

Expectant but not too disappointed, I'd say.

On another 'unrelated to my dog but more to the point of this post' note, it seems that every blogger and their g-ma is introducing their 'Word of the Year' at the moment. I was planning on doing this for the last month or so, but I'll have you know that now I'm bothered that it's a 'thing'. I know, it's a good thing to be a thing. But, I kinda get annoyed by bloggy 'things.' I will set aside my snooty pride, however, and continue as planned.

The word of the year started out as a very cool idea I got from my best friend, Amanda. I'll be introducing her formally in the coming weeks {and it involves a precious pink purse.
Get excited.} She is so fun and girly and innovative...but because she doesn't blog (yet!), you'd never know it. That's what I love the most about her. She's a trendsetter without even being aware of it. Don't get me wrong, I'm not afraid of popular trends and such, but if I hear one more "oh, is that from Pinterest?"...so help me. But I digress.

Amanda has been doing a word of the year for a while now, and she encouraged me to think of one these last couple of years. I've really loved doing this, as I think choosing a focus helps you steer in the right direction, regardless of what resolution/goal/project you are working with.

Last year in 2012,  my word was Freedom and boy was it apropos. I've loved looking at the areas of my life that needed the Freedom of the Lord to invade. I've loved seeing how my fear has been crumbling and I've been resting on that new-found Freedom for a while now. But freedom is only the beginning. What do you do when you are free? I'd say new fear grows in the place where your broken shackles rest.

A few weeks ago, Amanda texted and asked for a word and it ended up becoming my WORD word. In a sense, Amanda used my 'gut reaction' to help my word choose me. So, my new word is:

Amanda's X-mas present to me--so precious!
The story/significance behind this word originally came from here, but I've loved what this word represents for a while now. And isn't my bestie the best-y? From the bag the bracelet came in, it looks like it came from here in case you want your own personalized cuff.

Back to
Twirl: I've taken it and privately written out a few guideposts of what I am twirling toward in the New Year, as well as the things I'm turning away from. In general, it stands for embracing Freedom but not just stopping there. It means moving forward with style, a flourish, personality, uniqueness, joy. Twirl continues where Freedom left off. So that's where I'm starting in 2013. Werd.