I'm kind of in love with mustaches. Not the real ones that make just about any guy under the age of 35 look pervy...the cute little cartoon drawing ones. My friends know this about me and several friends share in this love with me by buying mustache-printed items as well.

I pretty much hope this fad doesn't die out any time soon. In fact, I just recently purchased a new pair of gray Tom's with teeny embroidered mustaches on the sides (I know, stop already with the Toms! is what you are thinking. But did you hear me? There were tiny mustachios! I couldn't help it.)

Anyway, I passed by this patterned duct tape at Office Max (of all places) and well, it ended up in my cart without question. But what was I going to do with mustache duct tape?? Where is my dad when I needed him? He always made the most random 'fixes' with duct tape {As well as sporting the perv-stache. But we won't hold that against him.} We are STILL finding his duct tape creations in the nooks and crannies of our junk drawers. 

As I was fixing up my classroom in August, I thought it'd be fun to feature it there in a place I look everyday. That way, it can bring joy to me every morning! So, I settled on this project. Super easy & a fun outcome. 

Here is the roll (adorable, I know!):

I bought a chipboard 'B' at Hobby Lobby:

I unrolled a line of tape and smoothed it down...folding the ends over the edges. I had to do some fancy cutting on the corners to make it lay flat. Think 'making a bed' and do the corners the same way.

I decided I didn't feel like cutting the tape so that it would line up but not overlap. I went ahead and overlapped it so that all the mustaches would be perfectly in line. This saved me from fighting with duct tape and scissors. I was grossly underprepared in the tool department on this one. I mean, I LITERALLY was laying in bed when I decided to do this and didn't want to get up...see the pink decorative pillow from my bed underneath? Yeah, I'm not kidding. I leaned a little farther than I wanted, just to grab the scissors.

So, if you are feeling more adventurous (and by that, I mean Type A and/or willing to actually get up and fetch an exacto), feel free to do all that and prevent an overlap of tape.

Once I covered the whole 'B', I used scissors to poke a hole in the middle of each cutout in the B-Bumps (the B's lady lumps?) and started folding the pieces around to the back. Like I said, save yourself this step using an exacto.

Here's the finished Mustache Duct Tape Letter B for my classroom! To be honest, I kind of like the inside curves of the B to have tape on them as well. If I had used an exacto to trim, I would still probably have left a little edge to fold over. It's much cuter in person!

Stay tuned for a pikkie of it sitting proudly in the reading/bookshelf area of my class. The kids love it too! They helped me find ANOTHER place I can use my Mustachioed Duct Tape...and.it's.adorable too.

Anybody else love mustaches, real or cartoon? How would you use this tape...I need some more ideas!! You know I bought a whole roll, right?