Princess & the Plane: Straight Trippin'

I had plans for a great post that had to do with my trip this weekend. And then life happened, made me bummed, and now I don't feel like writing anything fun.

You see, that's the beauty of goals and plans...they can be changed. I never want to be so on target that I don't give myself the space to change. Or breathe. Or relax.

So, here are a few lessons from the weekend in Orlando (visiting my friend Amanda and her new baby):

--My goal was to write everyday in 2013...except on vacation. New rule. Just decided that this weekend when all I had was a purse and my iPhone.

--News flash! You can pack everything for a 4 day trip into a purse when the airlines decide to charge for anything more than a purse. 
--Speaking of airlines, you can count on Spirit Air for cheap flights and major delays. Always, without fail. 

--Don't go to another gate area to get a Starbucks when Orlando MCO goes into 'International Mode' (it's top secret apparently because no one warned me I'd be spit back outside and have to go through security twice. And therefore forced to gulp down my freshly purchased Starbucks. Grrr.

--I took a big risk in my life and lost (more on that later, I promise!) Or did I gain? Life is all about perspective, I suppose.

--2 Month old babies can capture your heart in 2 seconds.

--Orlando drivers ARE.THE.WORST.
--I love my best friend more and more as I watch her evolve in her God-given role. She is a phenomenal mother and wife, and I am inspired to live like her if I am blessed with a family in the future.