My Imaginary Life

Sometimes I like to look back on my iPhone camera roll and take a gander at the things I felt were interesting enough to photograph or document. Occasionally, I like to share them with commentary like I did here and here.

Happy Friday! Enjoy my randomness in the form of photos:

Believe it or not, this used to be a fairly full fake plant. And then, just like life, it's fullness got plucked away over time. Sad, huh? What's even sadder is that it took me that long (until there were only 2 fluffs left!) to throw the dadgum fake plant away. I'd like to think it's because on any given day, I'm either feeling like this:

 Or this:

I'd like to think I'd be more with it if I could settle down one day, preferably with this guy (and no, it's not off the internet...my friend took it on her iphone when she was a few feet away from him! ahhhhh.): 

We could have some babies, which would then prompt me to buy one of these (and of course, I'm SURE the model for this pic really did just have a baby and is really nursing. She couldn't possibly be just a regular model with a flat stomach & oversized tatas...no way. And why do I have this on my iPhone? Your guess is as good as mine.):

Regardless of the number of babies I have, I will make sure to always have stellar birthday parties for my other babies (these aren't mine, but are one of my FB friend's dogs. I laughed so hard I cried when I saw this and I REGULARLY look back at this pic for a dah-hah-ha laugh/cry. I mean, look at their hats people. Look.at.their.hats.):

In addition to having these wonderful celebrations, I will make sure my kids grow up to fear the Lord (remember the good 'ol days when we thought the world would end? And then it didn't. So we left up all the billboards to have a good laugh):

Wait, I'm sure I won't teach my kids THAT kind of religious fervor. Maybe it's better to balance it out with more of a passionate love, like how you feel toward a spouse. Or how I feel about this band:

 (That's Coldplay by the way. And if you needed this side note, you are missing out. jk. kind of.)

But really, I just hope my kids (these imaginary, future kids I have with Ryan Gosling, remember? C'mon, keep up!) grow up to be Godly & passionate, sweet and loving. Like a little group of my current students...they took their ENTIRE indoor recess time to make this message for me out of pattern blocks. They kept whispering and hiding every time I walked by until the very end. Right as I said 'clean up', they called me over to read the message together. I actually teared up. Can you read it? (It's ok, I pretended but I really couldn't.)

 "We Love U"

That says is all. Enjoy the weekend!