WIWIW: Joyfolie

Since it is Wednesday, and tons of other peeps are taking pics of What they Wore, I thought I'd continue to show you What I *Wish* I Wore. You may remember why? If not, read this and this and you'll see that this way REALLY is better!

On to the beauty that is Joyfolie. Once you click over, you may see this...

and be thinking, 'You want to wear baby girl boots? Whaaa?'

Well, yes. I wish they were in big girl sizes, but look a little closer and find the 'Women' section. It is only a few items, but she is expanding. And so is my wish list. For every item she puts in there, I find myself drooling over it. 

I already own these:
 but I got them for a ridiculous discount. I'm so glad I did!

I just adored this whole outfit and I'd totes dress like this every day if I wasn't fending off rogue sharpies and spastic sneezy-snot children: 

I did, however, buy those boots for Christmas (at another amazing discount...see a theme here?)

The sad part has to do with my trying them on. See how they look so roomy with her darling jeans all tucked in? I was like, 'oh, I'm sure these will fit my 

ginormo man calves if she's swimming in them!'

Um, no. Could.not.zip.them.up. Almost but not quite. Surrriously?! I'mma have to send these back because my calves are massive and fit no boot on this earth? Dag.

The next day, I thought I'd give them one more go just in case I was having a fat calf day before. Maybe I could start a Project Shrink the Calves?? Well, whuddyaknow? Zipped right up.

So, hope to be sporting these soon (apparently, depending on the day.) But sadly it won't be with that gorgey outfit and it'll be a hearty hell no to tucking in anything thicker than a human hair.

Anyone else feel like this when they are trying on boots?

No? Just me then?