Princess and the Plug: Oh Happy Day!

               **WARNING: Shameless plug alert!**

I want to use my first 'Plug' post to introduce you to a friend and co-worker of mine, Ashley. I have never found someone at work who shares so many likenesses to me, and yet, with such a different personality. It is awesome!

Just today after school: we shared some jokes, shared some serious stories, talked about our upcoming trip to Canton (my first time there!), and then we laughed/cried as I demonstrated this dance move I am 'working' on, with a twisted ankle {from doing something ridiculous at work yesterday I might add}, ALL while holding onto two uneven recycle bins to steady myself. Did you follow that run-on?? Yeah, that's what our friendship is like...and I love it.

Since she is part of the inspirational 'push' I needed to expand my blog world to more closely match my personality, I decided to make a shameless plug for her super-cute-crafty blog (click on pic) and her online store...seriously people, she can make just about ANYTHING! Check her out.

{More pics to come of our trip to Canton...they will probably be of me making this face because I'm too broke to buy anything, but oh well! At least the company is great, right??}