Princess and the Pirate: Not trying to brag, but...

Ever since I saw this beautiful woven board tutorial on Jones Design Company's blog, I knew I had to try and make it. Since you all know that I've completely admitted to being one of these, I went for it. 

At my job, we have had some changes take place and an idea that has been in the works was finally OK'd by my boss: The Brag Board. I love the idea of a Brag Board at work. It is supposed to be fun and it is one way that you can thank others for lending a helping hand. It is also the place to share things that seem too personal to send out over staff e-mail...or maybe it just seems too small to mention. I believe it's these things that make us human; these are the bits of info that connect us in a place where our only connection is the job we're there to carry out.

So, I recruited my friend and partner in crime, Ashley to help me. Did I mention how talented she is?? Yes, I think I have...

After like a month of procrastinating, we finally dove in and stayed late at school one evening...then realized that we didn't have enough burlap to start. *enter: last minute trip to Hobby Lobby*

Once we got back to school, we started 'The Cut-n-Weave':
Ashley was the cutter...

And I, the Weaver

I stapled as I went, because we couldn't remove the board from the wall
The *finished* product...well, the background at least!
That was the hard part, kind of. The rest of it was "figure out as we go."  I had added a newspaper border to cover the edges, but the board was fighting me. So I attacked it with a stapler. HA! (But then you could see the fifteen staples at each cinch...) Clever Ashley fashioned these punched-paper circles to thumb tacks and Voila! Problem solved.
We added those all around, along with the scrabble-tiled thumb tacks we'd envisioned (we had our counselor do the grunt work on this tedious project!) This is what I got for 'farming' out that job:
Hey! I almost spelled 'FAMILY' We LOL'd on this one.
After the pins-through-the-shoe mishap, we were on our way...we continued with some trimmings and this adorable lil' banner o'flags that Ashley made:
And it was finished! Here is the before and after:
After...muuuuch better.

Here are some of the sweet little details that we added:
Scrabble Tile Thumb Tacks

Sticky Photo Frames--don't try this at home. They are a paaaaiiinn!

"A Little Birdie Told Me..." with a newspaper birdie--thanks Ashley!

Ashley's fabric flower

My watercolored newspaper flower I added to the black frame...I think it looks better in person!

My "stiffie" glued fabric flower I added to the green frame. Yes, you can laugh at the name of the glue...we did!

The Brag Tags...from The Handmade Home blog
There you have it! Lots of sweat, laughter, thought, and procrastination went into this project. This is one act of piracy I am proud of. Ashley found the gift tags we used as Brag Tags here. I will post how to make the different fabric & newspaper flowers lay-tah. I'm sure you're tired of scrollin' by now...

Anything you'd like to brag about? Go ahead...don't be shy.