Princess and the Pauperazzi: Bon-adventure Cemetery

 Am I the only fool who likes to hang out in cemeteries and take pics?? I have like 3 different iPhoto albums of cemetery stuff. Hmmm...don't read too much into that, thankyouverymuch.
This was from my recent sister trip to Savannah/Charleston/NC for Spring Break {more pics to come--and not all of them are morbid, I pinkie promise}

I just loved this pic for some reason...I've wanted to go to Savannah ever since I read this book back in the day. So, my Sweet Princissy offered to be a creeper with me to fulfill my weirdo dream photographic needs.

Here is the pic I took of the cemetery gate so that you can find it when you go and hang out there, ok? (You can thank me later):

PS. I must clarify that I only do the cemetery hang-age in the sunlit, bright and shiny daytime. Anybody else understand this love of mine?