Princess and the Pearls: The Bieb Bag

Today I went to a baby shower for my childhood friend Amanda. She looked adorable with her big ol' baby bump (at what point is it no longer a bump? Just curious.)

Anywho, the shower was great, but that's not what I am writing about. I was talking with my other childhood friend Jill about life and things and somehow Justin Bieber came up. Well, I'm no stranger to admitting my love for JB and working that into a convo (yes, I'm 32...shut it). There's no shame here. Would I wear these to a movie theater (TWICE!) if I cared about what others thought?

I promise I am getting to the point...you have to follow my rabbit trail to get to the Pearl.

Jill's little girl has a rare disease and has been a little fighter (just like her mommy--love you Jill! *wink). You can read about her story on her Caring Bridge Page. The reason I am posting about this is because Jill told me about this teenager who was inspired by the Biebs' song 'Pray' and decided to help raise money for Ava & a few other charities by making The Bieb Bag out of the vinyl record. They are a little pricey, but for each bag sold, $10 will go to each charity (I believe). How cool is this girl??! I seriously want to meet her...

The Bieb Bag
I call this section Princess and the Pearls because I SOOO love how people take the grit of life and allow the Lord to coat it with His Grace.  This little girl Ava, and now, this teenager, have done just that. Plus, I just love pearls--they are so beautiful & miraculous.

So if you see me walking around sporting 'The Bieb Bag', you can't make fun of me...cuz now you know it is for a good cause! What do you think? Know any little tweens (or 32 year olds, ahem) that could use one of these??