Princess and the Pants: "What's that?!"

I teach small group reading intervention and the other day I was chatting with one of my first grade groups...here's what transpired (and why I'm starting a new section on my blog for health/fitness!):

Me: *talking to kids even though they are probably tuning me out*
Little First Grade Princess Cutie: *Interrupting me mid-sentence* "Miss Brown, what's that?!"
Me: *kinda freaking out & thinking...is it a spider? Baby Jesus, get it OFF!* "What honey?"
LFGPC: *pointing generically to my leg* "THAT! That part that's sticking out."
Me: *Bewildered* "What do you mean, sweetie?"
LFGPC: *Pointing directly to my lower leg* "That fat part right there..."
Little First Grade Peacock: "Um, that's her calf."
LFGPC: *sheepish* "Oh."
Me: *saying silently to myself* "Yeah, oh. Um, my 'diet' starts tomorrow. For realz."

Simultaneously, some of my friends at work rallied together and we started the "Chunkless Challenge"--it's like the Biggest Loser meets Cheaters. We each have a goal (mine is to be more healthy & fit). We weigh-in each week and you have to pay $ if you gain weight or eat sugar over 5g. We have a "cheat" item (which I lovingly re-named a "treat" item) every 2 weeks. We've been going for 3 weeks...I already owe money. Oops.

I planned to post pictures of the "extra love" melting off my body, but my body has not gotten that memo. So, I'll wait until I have lost more than my meager 7 pounds. Until then, remind me to stay away from honest first graders.