Princess and the Project: Cuz I'm a Sloth, Yeah-Yeah-Yeah

It's official: I'm a sloth. Of the ten-toed variety. I spent my whole Sunday looking at blogs/design ideas/websites/yaddah/yaddah...I guess I feel I 'deserve' it after a long week, I dunno. (BTW...the title comes from this 80's tune for you to sing right along. Don't ask why THAT tune popped into my head for the title, cuz I don't know!)

After looking through all the darling blogs and getting a wealth of ideas (Can you say 'Princess & the Pirate?'), I realized that I might actually have to get off my rear end to try some of this stuff. What good is it to collect a ton of inspiration, only to live life on the sidelines while others play the game?

My first honest-to-goodness thought: 'Who in the hey has time to get all this done in a day/week/month/lifetime? And then I felt even worse with my second thought: 'One thing that the blog ladies have in common--KIDS.' Man, I'm single with no kids. I don't even have a Peacock to impress with my DIY craft loveliness or take up all my free time. I have no excuses. So, here's to healthy guilting & to getting up and trying things that make me happy. 

But first, I guess I'll start with the laundry.


PS. What are your tips for gettin' stuff done?