Princess and the Pen: I Moved!

Not houses. Blog spots. {sigh of relief for those that would miss me too much if I left town...}

I have been blogging since 2004 and after lots of thought, I had decided to expand my blog to allow for a more well-rounded picture of myself. Lots of posts that I had for my previous blog Brownie Bytes didn't make the cut because they seemed too...trivial. I always felt that the Brownie 'bytes' had to be of a certain category ('And what would that be?' you probably wonder).

Well, now I am breaking out of my self-defined cage and probably irritating some people with my ridiculousness. Thanks for those joining me in that endeavor!!

The premise of this new blog--> my commentary on all aspects of life, annoyingly alliterated (is that a word?!) with the Letter P--and no, this is not Sesame Street. {Check out my 'Glossary' to the right in case you are curious about my categories of all things letter P}

Love you all for traveling over here with me and thanks for reading my musings for the last half-decade. *gulp* I will keep the old blog up and running for my own archival purposes, and so that I can laugh at my 25 year old self when I ranted about singleness. ha!

Old blog if you are interested (or bored): www.browniebytes.blogspot.com