Princess and the Pumpkin Pumps: What I *Wish* I Wore

I'm no fashionista, that's for sure. In fact, as most of you know, I have worn this jacket pretty much every day & to every event since October. But I don't think you have to be fashionable to appreciate the lovely in life. My clothing budget is tiny, but I have a 'go big & go hungry' mentality when it comes to the things I like. 

Around the web, some ladies post "What I Wore (WIW)" to inspire them to dress well every day and to link/share with others. I love it! I thought, 'Maybe I should too?' Well, I'm not going to do that. I promise, I have worn that brown jacket EVERY day...you WILL get bored with my WIW after about a nanosecond. So instead, my posts will be 'What I *Wish* I Wore (WIWIW) instead. I will just post pics of outfits that inspire me and make me want to dress up my super-snore wardrobe.

My first post HAS to be about Emersonmade. I am in love with these people. There, I said it. I love Jesus more, but I admit to having a huge fashion crush on this company & this couple (read their bio...LOVE). I couldn't decide what to buy first because it can get a little pricey for my little 'teacher-still-paying-off-college-debt' budget. When I saw the website, I was overwhelmed with eye candy. Seriously, don't visit Emersonmade unless you have cash to spend or INCREDIBLE Dave Ramsey willpower...don't say you weren't warned! Let me tempt you, shall I? Here's WIWIW:

How beautiful is she?? Seriously...smart, talented, gorgey.

I WILL own the Goldie Skirt!

To be honest, I am not super comfortable with my body right now and didn't want to buy any new clothes. I know, that's not good. But that's the truth. And then I remembered a quote from the movie, 'In Her Shoes' when the Toni Collette character said, "Clothes never look any good, and food just makes me fatter, but shoes always fit." So I browsed through the flowers (of course...you know how I love me a good petal) and then I saw these stunners:

Even the tee-niny deer kissing the Patent Pumpkin Pumps made me want to buy them (they are marketing geniuses, aren't they??) So, I did. And I heart them. Big time. I also bought my bestie a flower clutch that I had a HAAARRRDD time parting with. The only sad thing I'd have to say about Emersonmade is that everyone buys up all the stuff before I can save some cash for it!! ugh. And some of my faves are not returning. Big boo. Thanks a lot, Dave Ramsey...it's all your fault. At least I got these before they sold out, ha! {I couldn't find a cute little deer, so I posed mine with my two cute little dears...not quite the same effect, I know.}

Anywho, that's WIWIW. How about you, are you in love yet?