Princess and the Pauperazzi: I'm all over the place

Just a picture post that is TOTALLY random, as this is often how my mind works {collective *gasp* from those who know me}. As a side note, I wanted to write "rrrr-andom" because I originally said it with an operatic rolling R...but it didn't quite translate through the lines and squiggles. I can demonstrate it for you later if you want the full effect. Here are some happenings over this last week:

Check out this little pot o' gold I received (Fed Ex Truck=rainbow in this illustration...go with it):

I was this close to playing Credit Card Roulette on Kidd Kraddick in the Morning...almost uploaded it, but then was too embarrassed about my balance to go through with it. Put down your gavels, Judge Judys, it's mostly dental/medical bills (I try to buy my little pots o' gold with a stack o' green). For all of you wondering, I DID NOT choose the super-sweet bull/bear card. It chose me. And yes, I need to stop chewing on my fingers.

I walked outside to find these little trashy puppies on my sidewalk. All down the street it looked like a gremlin got a hold of box of napkins and went to town. Are we really doing this in 2011? Who still gets newspapers thrown to their doors (without even signing up for it)? I felt like I should grab Lassie & a nickel and ride my bike down to the soda shop. 

It's called the internet people. {No trees were harmed in the making of this Public Service Announcement...well, except for the subject of the photo. But that's my point.}

Does anyone else have a little collection of tiny, useless pins? I mean, I'm so honored to have the honor ('Yay, our school is exemplary!' 'Yay, I finished my Reading Recovery training!'), but I always feel obligated to hang on to these. In all seriousness, it's not like I have a letter jacket for Life that can display these little cuties. What's a girl to do?

The school year ended (whoop) and I have successfully dwindled down the possessions that I have to take home for summer as each year goes by. Apparently, now I won't have to carry my palm tree anymore, cuz it died in the hot car while I ate dinner with Ashley. Now I refer to it as the "Poopy Palm." It wilted and turned brown..will it ever recover? I know, edge-of-your-seat type stuff here.

Thanks for letting me get all this randomness off my chest. Or rather, off my iPhone camera roll.