Don't talk to me (unless you send spam e-mails for a living!)

FYI for those faithful commenters (I love you.) I've had to turn off my comment button because, about 15 times a day, I get this e-mail on my phone:

"Hi! You site is much interesting. I truly like read for wonderful content! My friend has blog such same as yours and she finds routes to many threads such as you do. I'll post your blog on my work page as I have network of kind individuals. Please visit my page Gonna spam the crap outta you"

I'm so tired of getting these spam e-mails...I wish it were nearly as fun as trying to write one! But being able to imitate one on my blog was worth all the battery-drainin', inbox-crammin', second-language readin', attempted wool-pullin' spammy-town ridiculousness. 

My only question is: does it actually work? Why else would they take the time day in and day-freakin-out? Anywho, if you have something burning you'd like to say in regards to one of my posts, you can use the contact e-mail on my About Me page. Or, you can just catch me at work Ashley. Or Facebook message me, Francine or Christina K. Or call me, Boogs and Amanda. You get my drift.

And thanks a lot blog comment spammers...that's why we can't have nice things.